Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beware the Pepto-Bismal squirrel

One just never knowz where thoze pesky squirrelz will show up next.

And shure, they WANT u tue think they r
tryin'tue help u BUTT
what r they REALLY up tue?



GOOSE said...

No good can come from this.

Unknown said...

Ditto Goose. They are everywhere. Have a super squiggle free Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Aiiiiiiiiieeeeee this is horrible.. Evil Squirrels are everywhere... EXCEPT fur Australia... Maybe we should all move THERE.

Anonymous said...

yea, right, bet them are con-sti-pa-tion pills, Heeheehee, Bites get my poopie pellet shooter, we got squirrels on the lose!

Your Pals
Susie & Officer Bites

Sharon said...


Ruby said...

OMD!! See, those squirrels are nothin' butts EVIL!! Oh, sure, they might LOOK all cute and cuddly to the humoons, butts WE know whats they're REALLY up to:
World Domination!
Don't lets your humoons ingest ANYTHINGS that those Evil Squirrels gives em'! It's all ups to us! Protect the world!


Alien said...

Those squirrels must be stopped!


Unknown said...

They are everywhere.. i even seen one in my field today!!!
Love Milo :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

oh dear!
Benny & Lily

Mary Lou said...

Team Beaglebratz....
I smirked at this commercial!! Too funny!! ;-D
Do you know who played that squirrel's voice? He sounded kind of sexy!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;op
Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

I think these tree rats are trying to take over the world! We have to do something about it quick!

Berts Blog said...

Holy Moly, that scared me.....and My Vickie, that even scared Allred.