Monday, June 30, 2014


We Beaglebratz were lucky enuf tue git sum    
  goodiez frum  

This time we Beaglebratz got tue try sum 
Sweet Potato Freeze Dried 
Dog Treats  
This iz me, Shiloh, makin'shure mom wuzn't hidin'anything more frum us.
Hey mom - Mr. Andrew at sent theze treatz tue US Beaglebratz so
WHY due we hafta wait?
Here iz me, Shiloh, waitin'fur MY chance tue try the new treatz.

Mom even made Diva Shasta wait tue try'em.

(Don't worry, we INSISTED mom give us a
few more tue try so we cood give 
a true an'unbiased opiniun.)

An'after we conferred a bit
(that meanz we discussed'em)- 
we Beaglebratz d-sided they shood git our
8 paw of APPROVAL!

Of course mom really liked'em cuz they r-
made with only 2 ingredientz-
freeze dried chicken giblets'n
freeze dried sweet potatoes-
any age dog - puppy,
adult or senior cood eat'em;
the bag they come in can b closed up agin tight tue keep'em fresh'n
the best pawt - MADE IN THE USA!
 AN,az alwayz, there iz the speedy quik d-livery rite tue OUR door!
 HEY MOM - we want sum more!

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sunglass Day an'UPDATEZ!

We herd frum Ranger that tue-day iz 
We Beaglebratz wuz kinda sad cuz sum of our furrendz wuz takin'pawt in the selebrashun-
we were shure we'd miss out cuz
we don't haf any sunglassez.
HOWEVER, mom surprized us by findin'this-
Now it'z not new an'our mom made it BUTT
don't u think we look neeto-sweeto?
We look so cool that we iz surprized mom haz not got us sum sunglassez BUTT
now may-b she will!

Wanna waste a few minutez an'read sum fun factz'boutz this day?
Then click on this link HERE!
                 Gotta scroll down a bit once u git there BUTT there r sum fun thin'z tue read.

We iz gonna keep this short- 
not a whole tue tell BUTT
it iz a bit BETTER!
Even the doctor iz surprized it iz better!
Haz't hadta miss werk x-cept fur 
eye doc appointsmentz.
Shiloh iz duin'better tue!
He iz even goin'upstairz tue sleep in 
mom'z room with us.
He'z not tryin'tue git on the bed BUTT
that iz ok - MOM iz happee he iz 
upstairz at nite.

Ok, Beaglebratz iz gonna go now so
we can git this posted B-4 tue-morrow.
By the way, this SUNDAY, 6/29-
Ranger told us that wuz CAMERA DAY-
wunder if our mom wantz tue take pawt?

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Zukes #FuelTheCure Contest and Fundraiser

#FuelTheCure Contest and Fundraiser +
with Zuke's an'Oz the Terrier.
Fur your post entry in the Contest and Fundraiser Blog Hop, a $5 donation will b made tue The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund. Also, fur your post u will b entered in-tue OZ's contest tue win Zuke's treatz!

PLEEZE read on fur impawtent info - we Beaglebratz r joinin’forcez with 

to bring u'all

ZUKE'S #FuelTheCure Contest and Fundraiser.  
Oz haz started a blog hop tue help Zuke's raize money for The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund–
 this iz an organizashun which iz dedicated tue  understandin’treatment an prevenchun of both woofie’n kitteh cancer.  We Beaglebratz know way tue many of both persuazionz an'peepz who r either battlin’or haf battled an’lost their fite against the dreaded c monstah.

Oh, we almost furgot, not only iz 
The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund 
gonna benefit BUTT 
YOU can tue!
HOW u ask?

REMEMBER - fur your post u will b entered into Oz's contest tue win Zuke's treats!
Here'z how-

  • Write a short #FuelTheCure blog post
  • Include a photo of yourself (if you are a dog) or your dog LOVING LIFE in your post
  • Join the hop on any day starting on Tuesday, June 24 through Saturday, June 28  (when you link to the hop, in the "Name Required" field please put your name or blog name and either US, UK, CA as this will help determine your contest entry - ex.  Oz the Terrier US

Oh yes, did u'all notice-
ANYONE can enter - US, UK, CA

OK - so here iz a pikchure of each of us Beaglebratz 

Shiloh - gittin'in sum quality scrichin'time
lovin'life after my hurt bak stopped hurtin'!

Diva Shasta - lovin'life while she iz 
checkin'around fur critterz!

Don't furgit tue check out Oz'z blog (link above)
an'don't furgit tue link up if u due a post.

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~ 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Enquiring minds are asking ....... or make that just mind

Mom Kim here this time = I first noticed this last nite but not sure if it is something I can change or is blogger messing up again.

So, I am looking on my dashboard which contains our reading lists - the list is on my left.  On the rite side is also a list but it contains the first few lines of the newest posts for each blog in my list with new posts.  Usually I can scroll through a few new blog posts intros - HOWEVER this morning I saw only one and it remains that way now.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  I didn't change any of my settings - blogger did this (so what else is new).  Does anyone know if I can fix this and how?  It bugs the heck out of me not being able to see that list of new blog posts. 

Anyway, I hope the next blog post will be from the Beaglebratz.
 Mom Kim 

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Shiloh here-  My mom wood NOT let me git in a box
(still not duin'tue well cuz of my bak problemz)
so me'n Diva Shasta hafta
show u'all a pic mom got of us earlier this
year AFTER we got all the foodablez'n other 
goodiez OUT of this box.

Of course we haf LOTZA x-perience with 
checkin'out ANY box that enterz the
Beaglebratz manor.

or just'boutz any other type of containment apparatus that needz investimigashun.

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

FURRY MOST WUNNERFUL NEWZ - NOW HEAR THIS-  Frankie Furter iz HOME an'resultz r in - NO MASS!
Fur more info - GO HERE!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

POTP - This time IS one of us - the SHILOH edition

Mom Kim here- hopefully this flare-up won't last long and I pray that is all this is - a flare-up of Shiloh's back problems - IVDD - Intervertebral Disk Disease.

He had kind of a busy morning yesterday - at least for him.  First we had an appointment with his dogtor - routine shots and nail trim is all.  After that we went to Petsmart - his favorite store.  Those two things by themselves were probably not the culprit.  It was getting in and out of the vehicles - a mini-van (a taxi)  and my sis's SUV so the step-up was a bit more than just a car.  I did notice that he was reluctant at getting in the vehicles.   Then I remembered something else - our vet's assistant needs constant reminders to be careful when picking up Shiloh and I am sure Shiloh was picked up (didn't hear a whine or yelp but with all that the vet had to do, and the fact the vet could not pick up Shiloh (he's got lower back/leg problems of his own) I wouldn't be surprised if this contributed to Shiloh's current problems.  Something else I'm wondering about and praying that I'm wrong - did the injection itself trigger something or the drug cause some kind of a drug interaction - he's never had problems with the drugs before however there is always a first time for everything.

 Usually Shiloh will let Diva Shasta lay next to him - not now and he really doesn't even want me touching him- not even this morning when he came in and was a little damp - he loves to be toweled off, not this time - I had to stop him from walking away - at least he IS laying down and sleeping now - earlier he couldn't even settle.

So this time when I ask for POTP, purrayers and prayers, it is for one of the Beaglebratz - Shiloh.

I am also praying that the Duralactin he is on, has been on for a couple of years now, will continue to do it's great work that it did before (and yes, this is a shame-less plug for the supplement - it has done wonders for him - last time he had a flare-up, it was only a few days when Shiloh was looking at me like this-

 ~Mom Kim~


Saturday, June 14, 2014

HAPPY FLAG DAY!!! (even if it iz kinda late)

B-4 we go any further in-tue this post, we Beaglebratz MUST give thanks to

Ann frum Zoolatry
thankz tue her artistic capability, we Beaglebratz are dressed fur the holiday tue!  Just check out our new header and background in case u hadn't notised yet-

  Now then, the b-ginnin's of Flag Day may b sumthin'sum peepz don't know much'boutz soooo
click HERE if u wood like tue 
learn more'boutz how Flag Day b-gan-
thank goodness fur kindergarten teacherz.
Ok, we wanna git this posted B-4 tue-morrow.

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Friday, June 13, 2014

Seeing Beautiful on Flag Day (an'every other day tue!)

This iz Team Beaglebratz furst journey (blog post) fur Seeing Beautiful.  It iz speshal cuz it iz the SECOND ANNIVERSARY of  
An'this blog hop haz bin dedicated tue Goose - fur every See Beautiful post, Sugar will b
donatin'tue Goose'z
Health Fund tue help with hiz
recent emergency medical scare.
An'now, after that serious medical scare,
Goose iz duin'furry much better.  
Of course we c beautiful other dayz tue BUTT tue-day we Beaglebratz r c-in’red, white an’blue beautiful.  Tue-day we r c-in’it cuz we r also thinkin’boutz it an’our mom sez we c it in our mind’z eye when we r thinkin’boutz it.  BUTT on
SATURDAY, June 14,
  we really will c it cuz it iz 

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~ 

Frankie Furter on Friday - NEED POTP

In case u hazn’t herd, Blogville’z FORMER furst mayor – FRANKIE FURTER– NEEDZ sum Power Of The Paw.    We furst herd in a blog post earlier this week over at Frankie an’Erniez that Frankie had an appointment with hiz dogtor cuz he had bin squintin'hiz eyeballz a lot.  Then Sarge posted this on F'n E'z blog- 
Hey Furiends, this is Sarge taking over Frankie's bloggie for a minute.
He could really use some POTP and healing vibes right away! He had an icky looking spot on his eye last night that looked like maybe a scratch or an infection. Well, he's at the dogtor right now and it looks like this might be a mass of some type. He's getting an ultrasound and we'll let you know more as we find out more. For now, any of those fabulous Blogville Vibes would be a wonderful help.

Ok so, after Frankie got home frum the dogtor, he iz now on sum heavy-duty eyedropz fur what iz hoped tue b an infecshun in hiz eyeballz (we know all'boutz infecshunz of the eyeballz cuz our mom gitz so many.  He went bak tue the dogtor tue-day fur a follow-up vizit an'tue c what haz tue b dun dif'rently, if anything. We, like the rest of Blogville, await the latest update


So, if this iz all new info tue u or even if it ain't-

tue offer sum POTP, purrayerz an'prayerz an'anything else like that so our Frankie will git better soon.

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Friday, June 6, 2014

It'z almost time fur .........

Yep - this iz sumthin'that we Beaglebratz haz had LOTZA practise duin' - mostly Shiloh BUTT
Diva Shasta haz dun a bit tue!

make shure tue come bak 
JUNE 7th
Yepperz, TUE-MORROW u will c BOTH of us in acshun-
in case u can't tell,
THIS  iz ME, Shiloh!
(just look at that form...that intensity...that focus?)
~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~


Pee-Ess:  We Beaglebratz r takin'pawt in this week's Pet Parade over at  Rascal's an'Rocco's place.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

More POTP (NOT any of us)

There iz alotta need fur 
POTP, purrayerz an'prayerz
We Beaglebratz furst told u'all 'boutz 

This iz pawty gurl, 
ZOEY - she likez tue dress up.
In November of 2013 she wuz diagnosed with 
just like 2 an'a half yearz ago.

 B-low iz
at Pug Possessed in 2006 at 
the age of 7 an'a half-
he iz now 15 an'haz had hiz 
share of medical issuez b-sidez
bein'totally blind an'almost deaf an'may
or may not haf hiz own c monsta issuez

Now if u'all click on that furst link which 
takez u tue their blog-
Mom Punchy iz kinda reluctant tue ask fur help-
like she sez, she helpz others an'NOT
the other way around.
az she also sez-
She sez that way when u buy, u git sumthin'tue'n
u still help!
(we say it iz win-win-win all around) 
She haz also left the telephone# fur their vet
shood u just wanna go that way.
By the way, we NEED tue tell u that 
what Punchy sellz iz
we KNOW that cuz our mom got us BOTH sumthin'an
our mom iz furry much stingee careful with 
her green paperz.
There iz also a link tue her Etsy store 
on the blog. 

send your 
POTP, purrayerz an'prayerz
tue Chloe, Zoey an'Marty at
Pug Possessed.
(Bet Punchy cood uze sum HUGZ tue)

 ~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~
Mom Kim tue