Monday, January 28, 2013

Diva Shasta here ... Aukshun an'more

Ok, I know there iz a lot goin'on in Blogville 

rite now BUTT that iz not y I am here.  There iza

happenin'RITE NOW!  You ask - "Butt y iz it so 

impawtent Diva Shasta?"  Well, let me just tell 

got really bad sickiez - diabetes with really bad 

complicashunz.  She iz a lot better now AN'HOME 

BUTT she iz now blind cuz of thoze furry bad 

complicashunz.  Now y the aukshun u ask.  Well we 

all know dogtor billz ain't cheep so the aukshun 

haz bin organized tue help raize sum green paperz

tue help Sallie's mom pay thoze high dogtor 

billz.  Now we Beaglebrayz haz bin by that 

aukshun a few timez an'let me tell ya - there iz

just sum really pawsum stuff over there - stuff 

like kittiez toyz an'treatz an'sum fur the

woofiez tue!  An'there iz also all kindz of neat

an'nise stuff fur our peepz.  So just click on 

that link up there by the purty pikchure - BUTT 

ya'can't waste time - that really nise aukshun -

it will END NEXT MONDAY! Yep, February 4th.


Ok now fur sum newz 'boutz me!
   Diva Shasta

This picture wuz taken bak in early October, 2009

rite after me an'mom passed our test so we cood b

a therapy dog team an'vizit hospitalz an'placez 

like that - like Shiloh duz.  Well, last time, 

b-cuz all the trouble my mom had with her vizion, 

I didn't get tue vizit 'til late 2010.  Then,

b-cuz of her werk an'not much vakashun time, I 

had tue wait sum more - I only got tue go vizit 

'boutz 4 or 5 timez durin'that first 2 yearz of 

bein'a therapy dog.  At the end of that first 2 

yearz, with all the problemz my mom had with her

vizion, not bein'able tue take time off werk 

an'havin'lo green paperz, mom had tue let our  

registrashun az a therapy dog team go away.  BUTT

in Oktober of 2012, we once agin took that test

an'after mom FINALLY did all the paperwerk - we 

r once agin a THERAPY DOG TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Now sum more newz- 

Mom thought with me duin'vizitin'werk -

I needed tue haf a new collar.  Mom wuz lookin'at

her Facebook page one day an'saw a post frum 

an'd-sided she shood go check out what wuz there.  Well when

she stopped by their website (just click on that link above), she

cood not b-leeve all the purty collarz she saw - they even had

sum with my great ancestor that EFURRYBODY knowz -


ain't it just the most pawfect thing u ever did c?   Mom

even saw that TweetyBird on one - Tweety iz a  favorite of 

mom'z.  Mom wuz really surprized when she saw my new collar in 

our mailbox - x-actly 7 dayz after she ordered

it.  See that paw in that pikchure - that iz MY 

paw - I iz claimin'that new collar fur mwah - fit 

fur a DIVA!

Now c this next pikchure - that iz the nise little

note that came with my new collar - izn't that

just a superfantaztic nise note?  Click on it tue

biggefy if u need tue.

Here iz a pikchure of their bizness card an'the

front of the notecard-

An'by the way - if u hazn't figured it out-

they DONATE a porshun of their green paperz frum

the salez tue a rescue-


(Don't tell Shiloh butt mom haz already picked out a new collar fur him fur hiz barkday - don't furgit - don't let thoze lipz go flappin'fur the wrong reezon.)

~Diva Shasta~


Unknown said...

Shasta what a great collar for a DIVA. Nice one pal. Great news that team therapy dogs are back in action. We know you will both do a great job. Shh we won't tell Shiloh that he is getting one for his barkday. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Have to check out the auction again! Hope we are winning soemthing!

Alos have to check uot the colrs- that suits you to a T!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We have all our feets crossed for Sallie
Have a fun day
Benny & Lily

Amber DaWeenie said...

Me be spendin all my tweet money at da auction. Some really cool drool there!

Loves your new collar. And no, me lips won't be flappin'! :)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

That is a DIVINE collar fur a DIVA like you Shasta.

Congratualtions on getting your Theapy Dog certification back. THAT is wonderful.

We have our paws crossed fur Sallie..
the CIRCUS is going to help her out TOO. THE AUCTION is wonderful. Great bargains there.

ShellePenn said...

That is a LOVELY collar! We are very happy to be friends with somepuppies who are such caring hearts.

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,