Monday, November 7, 2011


The reason I mention Facebook is because I have not been on there since this latest vision problem started and our blog shows up there too - I hope.

I was kinda hoping and praying that it wouldn't come to this but there will be another cornea transplant.     The really good news is that I won't be waiting long - November 22 - yep, the same week of Thanksgiving.  How's that for having something to be thankful for.  Not sure yet how long the recovery will take this time.  Last year it took a month because the specialist added a layer of stem cells which altho it promotes healing it also slows down recovery.  I don't know yet if he will do that this time - I hope to find out later today. If I don't have that done this time(which I kinda doubt) then the recovery is only a few days.  I would REALLY like to be able to get bak to work and the life I had before this latest fiasco BEFORE Christmas.

Oh, until then there is a slight change in my prayer focus.    The 
ONLY way the cornea transplant will take place on Nov. 22 is IF there are NO NEW PROBLEMS WITH MY VISION such as some kind of new infection.   Of course I still pray that there will be some kind of miracle and I will wake up some morning before the 22nd and my vision will be as good as it was BEFORE this latest mess-up with my  vision bak in August.

Anyway that is my latest news.  The Beaglebratz are doing well - they have had their breakfast of kibble topped with a few bites of Granny Smith apple - remember, no peeling - and a bite of my banana and then went outside for a bit.  Now they are bak in and snoozing away here in the livingroom - yep, there are TWO Beagles  snoozing there.

Uh-oh, one of my fav daytime shows is on - Rachel Ray and today she has Guy Fieti (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) on - I love Rachel's method of measuring cause anyone can do it regardless of vision.  And I get some great ideas - at least this time when my vision messed up it still allows me to do a little cooking on the stove and I love to "experiment",  Maybe I will share a recipe that has become one of my favs - it involves a Tex-Mex dip I found and some hamburger with a couple of cans of beans - still have some in the freezer - umm umm really good.  

Bak sometime
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta


Sharon said...

Great news!!! I hope your vision becomes fantabulous! Oh, it won't be that long now, I am sure you are excited as anything!


rottrover said...

Kim, our paws are crossed for a very successful surgery on the 22nd!!

Bart and Ruby

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

Paws & fingers crossed for the surgery to go well!!

Brandon's Raiser

Teresa said...

Thinking good thoughts for you!
Teresa and Seamus

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Dear Miss Kim, You KNOW that I will be saying MANY PRAYERS and having my Paws Tightly Crossed... fur No New Problems.. and fur the Successful transplant on the 22nd..
THAT would make ME VERY VERY much THANKFUL fur SURE.
fur YOU.
Love, Frankie & Lana

Wilma said...

We hope your surgery goes seamlessly, and your recovery the same. Best of luck to you, kisses to the beagle bratz!

Cinnamon and Mint said...

We hope your surgery goes well and your eye heals quickly!