Sunday, December 18, 2011

So Sad

Me and the Beaglebratz have only been gone from Blogville a few days - since going back to work (everything with that is going well) this has cut down on my at home computer time and I am tired after getting home plus getting ready for Christmas.  But now, when I do get here and on Facebook, I read so much about the unfathomable and most terrible tragedy that has struck the 

We at Team Beaglebratz are so
very thankful for the human lives and 
the two puppers who were saved but
we mourn the loss of
Coco Chanel, Guerro, Shelby,
Lucky and Tiger.

This would DEFINITELY be something
no one could ever dream of happening-
not even in their worst nightmare.
I don't know what I would do if 
I ever lost so many loving companions.

There has been a 
 set up for Sandra and her family-
thanks to the generous communtiy of Blogville,
it has exceeded well over 
the original goal
please don't let that stop anyone else-
recovery from such devastion is never cheap.
So maybe insurance will help 
there will be many other expenses 
Besides their furry companions they lost
the fire didn't leave much else.
And please stop by their blog
to express your sympathy-
this devastation will take a LONG time 
for Sandra and the rest to recover from.

Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta


magiceye said...

will do needful guys!

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pets forever

Anonymous said...

So glad you're doing well and back at work:) Nice post for the Pittie Pack... such a tragedy.

Tank's Asst.

River said...

It is unbelieveable--and at Christmas time. We cry everyday for them.

love & sad wags,

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Dearest Beloved Furends,
I am so glad that you are back with us. We needed to hear your words during our time of Shattered Hearts.
We of Blogville have MANY BLESSING for Counting.. like the improved vision that you now have...
AND the Love and CARE that we all show on another in our times of Trouble.
YES.. we have many Blessings to be counted.
Even in the Saddest of times.. we have Each Other.

3 doxies said...

I thinks we is all still reeling from da news...just so hard to imagine sumptin so terrible could happen.
I am glad to hears your eyeballs is doin' betters and you gots to go back to work. But, rememebrs if you need me to watch da Shiloh and Shasta while you work I'll be glad to...and I promise no parties...bwhahahahahahahaha...yea, right.