Monday, December 19, 2011

My thoughts about why .... and work - Mom on Monday - sort of

(WARNING, could be an excessively long post ahead)

I get a few comments from people sometimes about my perseverance and dealing with all the stuff going on related to my disabilities, especially my eyes/vision since that seems to be what I'm bothered by the most.  I really do appreciate all them and I just had the thought that they, at least in part, help to motivate me to keep going the way I do.

And I'm sure no one would be surprised when
I say that Shiloh'n Shasta play a big part of my
"keep on keeping on".
Of course I cannot deny that my family at home
and friends here in Blogville also play a part in my
"keep on keeping on".

Now for a little of my own "philosophy" or where else
that thought came from.
Until November 22, 1976, I was pretty much of
a "normal" kid of 19 then
I had surgery to remove a large benign brain tumor.
Don't let anyone ever say that if a tumor is not cancerous then
no problems - now I have to admit that today it would not
have caused the problems it did then but medical advances since 
then have greatly reduced the complications and problems
that would result from such surgery.
Let's suffice it to say,
I was almost like a newborn when 
I came home from the hospital-
I had to relearn much.
At that time my parents, sis and I lived on a small farm
just north of town.
So that means that at that time my 
family played a HUGE part in 
my rehab and MANY of the things I do today would not 
take place if it weren't for them. 
I am sure that this in part is 
responsible for what goes on today.

And there are 2 or 3 beliefs which I know motivate me-
not sure how others feel about this subject BUT
this IS MY (and the Beaglebratz) blog.
After that first surgery and any other subsequent surgeries, 
 some people might have just given up or at least
not tried so hard and not want to
"keep on keeping on".
I will be the first to admit-
I have had a few thoughts like that 
tho they were fleeting.
Then my faith in God intervenes-
I do believe that God wants His
children to be happy 
and to have a 
good life and to do the best they can with what they have.
The next belief can be somewhat of a challenge-
it is for me sometimes.
I really do believe that miracles do happen BUT
the biggest problem I have with this is I forget
that miracles do happen-

Now this last belief I want to share with you-
in a way, this is the same belief that Sandra mentions
after that horrible fire at the
Houston Pittie Pack-
about God not giving you more than you can handle.
OK, FIRST I want to make sure people know that I believe 
NO ONE has an incorrect thought - EVER!
I agree with the psychologist, Bowen who said something like 
your feelings, thoughts and beliefs are never wrong
because they are automatic-
maybe like that of a dog's instinct 
in that they just happen- 
we don't really have any control over them but
only how we react or respond to them.
Now I have had people say that to me about my disabilities
that God never gives you more than you can handle  and at times, I have had that same thought but
then I thought, ok if God wants his children to be happy
and enjoy life then why would He give anyone things like
disabilities or a horrid fire that took the lives of 
5 loving creatures?
So a few years ago, 
I heard a pastor say
God doesn't GIVE the bad things in life-
sh*t just happens.
In other words, it is all a part of life and 
sometimes stuff in life just happens.
(My words now) In other words, life sucks sometimes and 
things happen that we don't understand. 
But like the pastor said- 
God is there for us to turn to when we need Him and 
believe me, I have needed Him alot since 
that day in November, 1976.

Ok, I'm done with my speech above-
now you all know that when 
Mom is quiet for too long, then 
when she does talk (or post)
Work is going well, I guess-
my job is about 95% computer work and
after 90 days of non-use then
your access is taken away.
Oh I will get it back BUT
it could take up to 2 weeks.
And for those of us who have ever worked this time of year, it is almost impossible to get things like computer access very quick.
Plus they have to check that my account at the regional office in Austin, Texas was not deleted.
Oh well, such is life-
"keep on keeping on".
I am just so glad to be back-


Sharon said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly, stuff does happen and God isn't the reason.

You are sounding happier and "merrier" - Have a Merry Christmas with Shiloh and Shasta!

The Daily Pip said...

Thanks for this post. I have asked myself many of these questions, especially recently. I like what your pastor said and find some comfort in it - yes, sh*t just happens and we have to get back up and keep going.

Your pal, Pip

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I totally agree with every single word.
Fur SURE that SH*T does happen... butt that SH*T is the fertilizer that makes us GROW and become STRONGER and you are the PERFECT Example of that END result my furend.

Scooter said...

Wow, what a wonderful post. I agree. Sometimes we have to put up with the rotten to appreciate the good. Spring is sweeter for having survived Winter. Thanks for the inspiration this morning and I am sending warm, healing vibes.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP