Thursday, October 6, 2011

FINALLY!!!! ,Newest update

Well - bak two months ago when this latest problem finally got bad enuf to keep me home and just about totally disrupt my life in every way, there were two things going on with my right eye - the epithelial defect(skin tear on the cornea) which had really started bak in May of this year but had gotten better but never totally healed and as a result of that, the fungal infection was able to attack my eye (yes, deja vue of a year ago).

Ok, now bak to the present - because the fungal infection was caught early (less than 12 hours after initial attack),once treatment started (anti-fungal eyedrop and pills) it was gone in about a week or so.  However, when that was gone, another problem became evideny (in addition to the already know skin tear of the cornea) - a condition I have battled in my right eye ever since the onset of the right facial paralysis decades ago - a condition known as neurotrophic keratitis; basically the nerve paralysis in the face does not allow adequste snd normal nutrition to the eye to keep it healthy (more trivia you will probably never need or use).  It is this condition(the keratitis) that usually causes the defect (skin tear) at least for me.  NOW, actually as of lsst week, that skin tear has healed and yes, there has been some minor improvement in my vision 
HOWEVER it is still not improved enuf to go bak to work or resume much else.  TODAY I WAS able to get to the store on my own which really was a necessity that I get there today for a very few groceries and my over the counter eyedrops that I must use - my sis is having really bad knee pain (as in not able to stand on that leg at all and her current level of pain med is not working).

I see my specialist next Tuesday - to check on that haze left by the neurotrophic keratitis - not sure what will happen as a result - there may be a determination made at that time for a fourth cornea transplant - I need it ASAP so I can get bak to work and be able to pay bills and not draw on my retirement  anymore.  Of course the ideal result and one that I keep hoping and praying for is that by some miracle of healing that the vision in my right eye will be restored totally and I will resume all of my usual daily activities - the dogs need to get bak to going for walks and their visits.  A couple of weeks ago was the annual fundraiser in the city park for our local animal shelter - Shiloh has won the best pet trick contest 3 years
 (not dressed like this but this was part of his routine)
since we started going in 2004 - this was the first time we missed the fundraiser since we started going.  Topeka will be having their Blessing of the Animals next weekend which I really would like to go since we missed last year - between my eye problems and my sis's knee problem, it is NOT likely to happen.  This Saturday is Shasta's 5th barkday
 I DO have a present for her which I had the good sense to get earlier this year and today I picked up a bag of those Milo chicken meatballs - her favorite but then she IS a Beagle and she loves a lot of treats but she does tend to eat the Milo's meatballs first if given a choice of treats.

Ok - it is late and I need to stop for now.  The B-bratz don't miss those things like I do I know that altho I know Shiloh does love his visiting but I know rhey are VERY happy to just have me here with them and I am VERY happy that they are here with me.  Off to bed now......

Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta


Teresa said...

Glad to hear there is improvement. I'll keep thinking good thoughts for you.
Teresa (and Seamus)

Anonymous said...

Power of the paw for you!

Hope you start to feel better soon

Big hugs and puppy kisses


The Daily Pip said...

Sorry you have had such a difficult time, but glad there is some improvement.

Happy early birthday to Shasta!

Your pal, Pip

Talking-Dogs said...

So glad you're having some improvement! Continuing to send prayers and good thoughts your way!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Some improvement is good, but we so wish you were doing a whole lot better. Please keep your spirits up and we will keep crossing our paws and saying prayers for your eyes to heal soon.

Hugs and Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Sharon said...

Sending my best healing energy for your eyesight. Improvement is always good, but totally fixed seems to be in order. Thinking of you each day.


River said...

We hope this means things are finally looking (not a pun exactly) up for you! You deserve a break.

love & wags,
River & mom

alfiestar said...

All fingers and paws crossed for you - for a continued recovery...

Hugs from all of us xxxx