Friday, September 26, 2014

FFHT - Just when I thought things couldn't get worse . . . "

Team Beaglebratz iz joinin'with Murphy & Stanley an'their Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails.  This week our story iz by Diva Shasta.

This story happened a few yearz ago – when I, Diva Shasta, ferst joined Team Beaglebratz.  I wuz a mere babe an’I had not yet come  in-tue my diva-ness altho the Beagletude wuz hidin'just under my skin.
I didn't know that the lady takin'MY pikchure that day wood soon b my hoomin mom-
wunder what wood I haf dun if I had known then what
I know now?
Ok - now u may all say Awwwwww

Now in my short life, of course I grew up with my litter mates BUTT there wuz a few older woofiez around tue so I KINDA knew what tue x-pect when I got tue my new home an’found out I HAD A BIG BRUTHER!  It wuz all good – we had lotza fun.  Hiz name iz Shiloh an’at timez he kinda thinkz he iz a little bit all that an’then sum BUTT that wuz ok – I wuz gonna b gittin’sum of that tue.  I soon found out that I had joined the family’boutz Christmas time which iza speshal time of year – not just fer hoominz BUTT fer us woofiez tue (butt I didn’t really know that much’boutz this time called Christmas – yet)  So fer awhile, my life went on just fine – me’an Shiloh were gittin’along good an’it wuz kinda nice havin’anuther woofie in the house who wood
watch out fer me . . . or so I thought.

I mean – don’t git me wrong – I had my bad momentz tue – after all, I had bin ripped away frum my doggy mom at such a young age … an’my litter matez an’all the other woofiez I had grown up with.  THEN it happened . . ."Just when I thought things couldn't get worse . . ."
I don't haf any pikchurez of the akchual insident-
which iz probably a good thing-
it really did happen on my FERST CHRISTMAS mornin'
I had MY Christmas stockin'an'Shiloh had
HIZ Christmas stockin'an-
we wuz both gittin'bizy lookin'at
all that wuz in them - toyz an'treatz-
an'that wuz the problem-
one of thoze treatz fell out of MY stockin'
I thought - no problem, I'll just wander over an'git it.

Wellllll - there WUZ a problem-
a BIG BRUTHER of a problem!
We got tue MY treat frum MY stockin'at the same time-
only Shiloh thought it wuz HIZ treat.
(interjection from mom - this was the ONLY time something like this has EVER happened)
The main thing at that point that I, baby Shasta r'memberz-
Shiloh gave me a little nip on the ear tue
chase me away frum MY treat so he cood
make it HIZ treat. 
It all happened so fast-
Mom can't really r'member if I yelped.
BUTT rite then mom'z nephew stopped by tue
take us all tue her sis's place fer the rest of Christmas Day.

Ok - so we iz all dun gittin'our prezziez an'relaxin'on the sofa-
only I wuz feelin'kinda strange inside an'my ear wuz
kinda hurtin'a bit where Shiloh had nipped me BUTT
it wuz NOT oozin'any BLOOD

(again from mom - but it was oozing some ????)
ANYWAYZ - we wuz off tue the dogtor-
This iz what I looked like after I gotz A stitch in my ear-
also gotz sum feel better medicine.
ANYWAYZ - that wuz then an'me
an'Shiloh-Lord of the Manor haz bin like this
ever since then.


Unknown said...

Oh no a nip in the ear and a vet visit all on your first Christmas. No worries Ancient Pip bit my leg when I was a puppy as I was so annoying her and I ended up in the vet with a few stitches. It happens and likewise then we were the best of friends. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Murphy said...

Oh dear. That was a terrible way to celebrate your first Christmas! Butt it was a good story to tell and mom thought the picture of you on the couch (post dogtur) was so very cute! Thank you for pawticipating in FFHT!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Julie said...

Oh dear, and it was you first Christmas !
I'm sure all following Christmas will be much more funs
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Sharon said...

Cute story and pictures!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Well dat was some Merry Christmas...welcome to da world from big brudder. Now you need to steal HIS treat! BOL

M. K. Clinton said...

Bless your little baby Beagle heart.♥ I hope you got extra treats for your trouble. You were absolutely the cutest thing! ♥♥

Duncan said...

What a little cutie in those pics. What is it with us and our puppy ears? I got bit twice at puppy camp.

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Oh my goodness...that was a very adventurous 1st Christmas! So glad you all get along fine now :-)
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

Tweedles -- that's me said...

A very wonderful story!!!
and I think your Christmas's got better. right?

Anonymous said...

and I thought I'm the only one who had a crazy first christmas. butt maybe the first christmas has to be crazy that all other christmasses will be better?

sprinkles said...

You were such a cute puppy!

I'm sorry you didn't have a better first Christmas, but hopefully they've all been better since.

Ruby said...

Oh noes! I didn't hears about this incident!! Wells, I bets Shiloh just wasn't used to sharin' treaties then, butts I'm sure he is now! That is a sucky way to spend your furst Christmas, butts looks like everything turned out just fine!!
Ruby ♥