Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This kinda stuff'n that kinda stuff

Well wood'ya look at that- 
the queen diva iz gonna share the blog tunite.  
We gotza a few pikchurz we wanna share butt
gotz sum neat nuze tu share furst-

SHILOH:  Ya'no that post I snuk put up yestaday?
Now doncha'all go gitten tu 'x-sited just yet b-cuz 
mom already had 'bout 50 postz up b-4 we took over butt
the blog really kinda took off when we Beaglebratz took over last Oktober.
Anywayz, that post yestaday wuz r 200th post!
Woo Hooooooooo!
An'r followerz haz gone up a little tu.
DOUBLE WooHooooooooooooo!
BUTT, we gonna stay an'try tu du more - ya'll make blogville
so much fun an'if r mom wuz artsy, 
we'd give awardiez tu ALL.

SHASTA:  Ok Mr. Shiloh, 
all r furriendz haf herd enuf frum u- 
MY turn now.
After mom'n Shiloh got home on Sunday, 
mom left a little later with aunt sis.
When they got bak here, 
 we herd'em puttin'stuff all around outside 
in the front yard.
Then, aunt sis went home'n'mom came in the house.
Mom showed me'n Shiloh sum pikchurz of 
where they went-

She sed they went tu a punkin'patch.   Now 
x-cuze me butt I no what a patch iz'n'this ain't it.

SHILOH:  x-cuze me Shasta  BUTT I happen tu no 
that IZA punkin patch - at least that'z what they call it.

SHASTA:  Well  X-CUZE me all tu heck - I fergit mom went there last year tu - I'member that now.  The pikchur below iz a ride out there they haf fer the little kiddiez (that with a D az in little hoominz, NOT a T az in the furry critterz)

Ok - still Shasta, the Queen Diva here-  
now we gotz sum more nuze that I am gonna tell ya since 
Mr. smarty pantz Shiloh d-sided tu tell ya the other without 
chekin'with me furst.
It'z kinda like what CapJack (Richie)  over at hiz blog iz duin'BUTT 
u will all no in a day or 2.
 Anyway, here r a few pikchurz-
Hey mom, what'z all this stuff on r deck - duzn't straw b-long in a barn?(we duzn't haf a barn so y iz it here?)

     Hmmmmmmmm - mom added sum more- 
                iz that all?

Here iz Mr. Snoopy Shiloh hiz-self wunderin'what iz goin'on?

    Ok - so I haf tu check it out tu-
     haf tu make shur it ain't gonna
          git up an'cause havoc all over the
          Sooooooooo, ok - now theze r only sum 
            cluez an'there MAY b more in the next
             day or so.  So u just mite wanna come 
              bak sumtime tu c more.

Now mom wanted me tu put up theze pikchurz of- me'n Shiloh playin'the other nite.  I guess she thought they wuz cute or sumthin'.

Ok - that wuz a looooooooooonnnnnnnng post butt 
it iz kinda speshal- 
it markz (kinda like Shiloh markz speshal stuff)
he he - I made the joke, 
anyway it b-ginz r third century (sorta) bloggin'.
Butt, we iz now goin'tu bed.
Sorry this is soooooooooo late.

Nite nite



3 doxies said...

I don't even have 200 posts...wow!
Ain't dis bloggin' thing a hoot? I haves had so much fun meeting new furiends doin' it.
Yous gonna haves to give me way more hints cuz my brain ain't workin' too good today...thwn again, it never really does.


Unknown said...

My momma thinks your fall decor is beeutifuls!

I on da other paw, do not understand why da humans like to decorate with hay and pumpkins you can't even eat!


PeeS. Your comment at da Puddles place be cracking me up!!!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

You two just crack me up. I'm lovin' your Fall Decor.

Oskar said...

Your mom is doing a great job decorating. Did Shiloh happen to mark the hay bale, cause I probably would have.

Congratulations on being such pawsome bloggers. We can't wait to read your next 100 posts!

Nubbin wiggles,

Deborah said...

Cute blog and dogs!!!
I'm looking forward to following.