Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Therapy vizitin'

Mom wuz off werk on Monday – Columbus Day – so she d-sided a while ago that wood b a good day for us tu git bak tu duin’r therapy vizitz.

Shiloh:  Ac-chualy, I wuz gittin’ bak tu it while this wood b Shasta’s first visit.  I wuzn’t shur at first what wuz goin’on but when mom put that b’dana on me then I nu we wuz goin’vizitin’sumwhere.  Then I got tu thinkin’we just went tu the libary yestaday(Sunday) so I nu that wuzn’t it.  Then I got all x’cited – cood it b, we hadn’t bin vizitin’fer a looooooooong time – oh wow!  I love ridin’in the taxi on r way cuz the driver is so very nice tu me – callz me Bubba, snooglez with me an’letz me walk all around in the taxi an'sez he haz 2 favorite doggiez that he pikz up, ME an'a service doggy.  Here r sum pikchurz mom took of me at the hospice we go tu-

Here iza pikchur of my nu b'dana - it'z not really nu but just never uzed it b-4.  It'z all mine - made just fer me - c, even haz my name on it.  Mom  sed we will uze it more often - YEAH!
               Here iza better pikchur of my name -

This wuz one of the employeez there - she wuz nu so I walked up tu her tu welcome her.   (mom iz very careful not tu git any facez in r pikchurz fer privacy reazonz.)

     I wuz surveyin'the room, lookin'fer anyone 
       needin'a snoogle frum me.

Takin'a bit of a break b-4 I du more vizitin'.

Ok, gotta git bak tu werk, lookin'fer more 
snoogle oppor-tuni-tiez.

                    What 'bout that-a-way - 
                                    anyone need a snoogle?

Az we wuz leavin'fer this vizit, we stopped by
a gentleman'z chair who wanted one last 
snoogle fer the day.

Just a reminder - all of the pikchurz above r me, Shiloh - the one with the b'dana with a name.

Shasta:  Hey mom - whatcha duin'?  R we goin'sumwhere?
(From mom-yes, those are Beagles on the quilt - I was able to find the material and had the quilt made.  The same lady that made this little quilt also made the one for Shiloh.)

 Here I am modelin'my nu collar an'the purty b'dana my cuzin Bailie let me borrow.  This pikchur an'the one above were taken b-4 we left.

Mom nu I mite b a little nervus since 
it wuz my first vizit so she brought 
along my purty nu blankie an'my nu Mr Froggy tu help me feel 
better  -
                                                        at least that's
                                               what she wuz hopin'.

BUTT - that iz all the pikchurz of me an'my first vizit cuz the camera died.
(Note from mom - May have all been for the good - Shasta started out being real skittish - tail tucked tightly and kept trying to hide by me.  Some may think I should have stopped after the first couple of minutes but knowing her the way I do - this was not entirely new behavior for her in a new situation.  However well before the visit ended, her tail was starting to come back up and wag some - even started going up to people to meet them.  I feel that if I had stopped the visit when she was acting skittish - that would have reinforced that behavior, which I knew she could overcome and she would have missed out on meeting many new and wonderful people.  We went to the same hospice that me and Shiloh did but later in the afternoon - outside of wheelchairs and walkers, there was no other medical equipment for her to deal with.)


Minnie Moo said...

You beagles are so smart. My daddy has a beagle and he's like a genius. I'm not sure Lincoln and I could be good therapy dogs, we get too excited. It's sooo cool though that you get in on the therapy action.


Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Super job. I think your mom did the right thingy to wait for you to be ready willing and able!!! A+ job

JacksDad said...

I love the fact that you knew just what to do for your skittish puppy!! Good job!

Oskar said...

That looks like a great time & you both look so nice!

Nubbin wiggles,