Wednesday, November 21, 2012

At werk with mom - sorta ... an'other stuff tu

We Beaglebratz haz a few thingz tue 
cover in this blog post an'we wood like tue
the oportunity tue bring it tue u.

Every mornin'when mom leevez fur werk, 
it'z the same old thing- 
she sez "You two b good, mama lovez her 
Shiloh'n Shasta".
We Beaglebratz r in a quandry here-
if she lovez us so much
(an'we r shure she duz - may-b?) 
than y duz she leeve us - home alone? 

So she goez off tue werk butt she tellz us that
we r with her all day long 
in many wayz.
Which wood u rather haf at werk?
What that pikchure there above showz OR
the reel thing 
 The next few pikchurez showz u'all 
other wayz that
we r "with her at werk".
Mom sez she can't b at her desk without
seein'us an'thinkin'bout us.

See that Christmas card up top-
the red one with pawprintz?
It'z kinda hard tue make it out butt
it meanz a whole lot tue mom cuz
it showz a pikchure of us 
Beaglebratz'n Angel Oreo- 
it wuz The DIVA Shasta'z first Christmas'n
wood end up bein'Angel Oreo'z last.
An'of course we're all there with mom. 
Here iz a fav of mom'z-
a pikchure of Angel Oreo that a friend made

Now here iz us agin

Thoze r pikchurez of flowerz frum 
mom'z garden hangin'there
b-side my (Shiloh'z) pikchure.

Then a few pikchurez of other stuff that
mom sez remind her of us when
she iz at werk
Some of theze pikchurez r kind of really ... 
um .. well
not good.

Oh an'u know we told u'boutz 
goin'tue c Santa Pawz- 
well it wuz a good thing we had 
our listz with us tue give tue him cuz
they wuz in such a hurry'n 
we hardly had time tue say 
Merry Christmas.
Butt each of us Beaglebratz got a bag frum
Santa Pawz only mom kept'em-
yep, we Beaglebratz haz NO IDEA what
iz in'em butt we due know they iz
frum Santa Pawz.
Iz mom keepin'em fur herself?

Finally, the Shiloh-man here.

Mom sez that it haz bin awhile since 
she haz seen me look so animated-
(since when am I a cartoon?)

she thinkz I am lookin’an
feelin’happier now– 

I due feel a whole lot better now.  
I am runnin’more an’bak tue patrollin’the perimeter of our kingdom– 
alwayz on the outlook fur trespasserz.  
Almost efuryday I am playin’a bit
more with The DIVA Shasta an’we all

 even slept in the regular bed last nite 
altho mom did help me a little gittin’up on it 
(instead of sleepin’on the sofa-sleeper) 
Mom wood like me (Shiloh) tue 
take a moment here tue

fur your wunnerful POTP an'healin'vibez.
(Iz The DIVA Shasta watchin'that critter up there?)

~The Shiloh-man'n The DIVA Shasta~
an'mom tue 


Charlene and Storm said...

happy thanks giving guys!!!

glad you are feeling a bit better Shiloh, keep on getting better xxx

it is my mission this year tot go full on dog crazy nuts like you guys and get stormys picture taken with santa, my husband is gonna cringe big time but sod him i think its fun! there is nothing wrong with having fun even if your the only one having it :)

Charlene and Stormy

Scooter said...

Wow, I guess your peep really does take you to work in a lot of ways! I don't know why they leave either...much more fun to stay home with us. I surely am glad you're feeling better and I love your little sleeping thank you guy! Very cute! Happy Thanksgiving to your whole pack!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

The Daily Pip said...

I am sure she misses you doggies at work even with all her pictures! I just hate when my assistant leaves me in the morning,too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your pal, Pip

Unknown said...

We are pleased you are more like your old self Shiloh. Mum obviously misses you every minute she is away from you. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

GOOSE said...

To have the real yuo's at work would be better. But at least you are never far from her mind.

Amber DaWeenie said...

I gots a secret fur you two. Your Mom really luvs you a lots.

Shiloh, so glad you's feelin' better. Now keep it up!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Teresa Rhyne said...

My office would look like that pretty quickly if I couldn't take Seamus to work with me! But he's there a few days a week (he's a lucky dog but then he doesn't have a beagle buddy at home like you two do). Glad to know you are feeling better, Shiloh. Seamus sends his AAAARRRROOOOs for a Happy Thanksgiving. (And a special little arrooo--rroo-rooo for that Diva Shasta!).

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Oskar said...

Glad you are feeling better Shiloh!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Oskar & Pam

Ruby said...

Oh, now that's how you take your pups to work with you! (wells, when you can't take the REAL thing, that is!)
I sure am glads Shiloh is feelin' betters!! That is great news.
Have a GREAT Thanksgiving guys!!