Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow, snow go AWAy1

Our mom talked tu us 'bout changin' the bakground on our blog - she sed may-b if it wuz dif'rent an' haf briter colorz then may-b that will chase the snow away.  So that iz why u see what u see.

A lot of the snow iz almost gone - at least in sum placez like in our front yard an' on our deck even.  But if u look in our bakyard, u mite think nuthin much haz changed - here, u take a look an' d-cide -

Oh, an' we need tu apoligize tu our friends fer not vizitin' their blogz very much - b-tween the weather makin' uz lazy an' stayin' close tu our mom when she iz home, we're purty tuckered durin' the day when she iz at werk - she iz still havin' a little truble with her eye, sumtimez it iz a little better then sumtimez a little werse like it wuz tuday when she went to her doc but it wuzn't real bad like b-4.  We r tryin' tu du better when we kan.


Andrea said... guys still got snow...? It was 50 degrees or more here in Richmond, Va., today!

Blessings, andrea
(Sitka's mom)

JacksDad said...

Snow is good - as long as you have heat inside!

The Oceanside Animals said...

No worries, beagles, we'll still be here waiting for you!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Your blog looks grrrreat. Glad you're back. My snow is all gone.

River said...

You all have a lot of snow. Send half of it to us!

love & wags,

Sapphire said...

hello! can we be friends?!


harrooo! ken we bee fenz?!