Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yes, that was the first word I heard -
besides the vet's intro,
I heard earlier this evening.
(Shiloh doing the happy dance)
Shiloh had a benign PLASMACYTOMA
If you read the article that link goes to-
I especially like the last sentence in the abstract-
"The results of this study indicate 
that canine cutaneous plasmacytomas  
are benign..." 

Ok, now comes the 
for all your thoughts and prayers-
they are all so greatly appreciated.
I wanted to get around to everyone's blog to thank you each with a comment but 
besides dealing with what was happening with Shiloh plus getting the 
Beaglebratz's pictures for the luau,
I'm afraid that my vision problems continue-
I'm still working and it's not really bad but 
my eye doc appt.s are at least weekly and this week I will also be traveling to Overland Park for an appt. with my eye specialist.

Right now, I'm struggling to 
keep my eyes open so
need to get the B-bratz outside so 
we can all come back in and 
get to bed.
~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~


Cinnamon and Mint said...

That's great news Shiloh! Thank you for letting us know.

georgia little pea said...

that's great news! glad Shiloh is fine. and as for YOU, take care and all the best. i can fully understand how the worry, the dogs and work can all get overwhelming. take care of yourself first, i say. blogging, in the end, is only blogging :p

hugs xox

Teresa said...

So happy to hear this! I've been worried about Shiloh! Seamus sends his love...even though he's currently in the metaphorical dog house for some particularly bad behavior tonight.

We hope you are feeling better soon too.

Anonymous said...

Yay Shiloh! Wahoo! Doin the happy dance with ya pal :D :D :D


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Pawesome news on Shiloh!!! We hope your visit goes well and you are doing better soon.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I am sooooooo very much glad to hear this grrrreat news about Shiloh!!

I am really sorry to hear that your vision difficulties are still with you. Maybe this new specialist will have a new idea of how to get this fixed. I'll keep my Paws Crossed!!!

The Daily Pip said...

Hurray!!! Great news.

Your pal, Pip

Lapdog Creations said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sharon said...

That is just super, great, fantastic, and plain old wonderful!

Unknown said...

That is MOST WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maddy and Owen said...

YAY for Shiloh! We are so glad to hear the good news :)
Maddy and Owen

Sapphire said...

Great news. Fantastic news!! Lots of hugs!!

Hoke said...


Oskar said...

Amen for Shiloh's great news! Good luck with your appointments.

Nubbin wiggles,