Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hey all, we iz here!

Shiloh here - I gotta tell ya'll sumthin' - it'z gittin' a little crazy around here at timez.  A few  daze ago mom came home afta bein' gone awhile an'wuz real happy an'started dancin' around  an'made me dance tu an'got Shasta all excited an'runnin' around an' mom sed "itza go!"   I found out that she had gone tu c her docter an'he wuz really happy about no nu problemz, whatever that meanz.  This mornin' she  told me an'Shasta she haz only 10 more daze, whatever that meanz.  But she did say sumthin' tu me an'Shasta I du no about -  mom sed that she will bring us sumthin' frum 3 Dog Bakery the next time she goze c her eye docter - me an'Shasta got sum surprizez frum them when Santa Paws stopped by - I wunder if mom iz gonna talk tu him agin - I bet she tellz him how really good we bin.  I gotta stop fer now - fer sum dumb reezon Shasta thinkz she haz tu tell ya sumthin'.

Thsnk u my deer bruther fer lettin' me say hi tu u'all - itz bin a while since we wuz here.  It haz bin gittin' really hot around here - mom keepzus cooled off good  - lettin' us out when we need tu but bringin'us in b-4 we git very hot.  Anywayz, mom gave me a nu nikname that she callz me alot - Little Lady-Who.  Now whatz that about - she noze who I am so why duz she add Who on that an'y not add Shasta tu Little Lady - I like that cuz I no I'ma a Little Lady.

Shiloh here agin - ok, ok - b-4 we'all git sik frum that - thoze last few wordz rum Shasta woke me up frum a snorin' good nap - anyway itza about time fer r midday napz so we gotta go fer now.  Not shure when we will b bak but we will sumtime.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I am soooo very much glad to learn that your mom only has to wait 10 more days to get all fixed up.
I have missed you all. Hope you get something grrrreat from the Dawgy Bakery!!

JacksDad said...

Well getting better in 10 days is a lot better than getting worse in 10 days, so I'm very happy for your MOM!!

Cinnamon and Mint said...

You sound really happy today, which I like! I hope in ten days you will be even happier!

River said...

That's good news for your mom! We are so happy for you all. I know that the stuff will be good fromt he bakery. Take pictures!

love & wags,