Sunday, June 13, 2010

jHere we are again

 Howdy all - Shiloh here rite now.  First I gotta tell ya about my little sis, Shasta - she dun me proud tuday, well kinda.  It wooda bin better if she had shared with me but I never share either.  Mom wuz makin a sandwich an/I guess Shasta thought it wuz fer her cuz she made off with a slice of bread.  Did not think she wood du that but she proved me wrong - ohly wooda bin better if she had let me haf sum.

Herd mom tell aunt sis that she felt like a chiken with itz hed cut off -cuz she wuz so excited about Tuezday.  Well me an'Shasta r just glad that mom wuzn't  a real chikem.  By the way, mom sed we B-bratz r goin fer a "spa day" tumorrow - mom sed we need tu git bootified - not shure what all that meanz but I no r bootyz r just fine the way they r.

Shasta here now - what iz this thing with the niknamez?    Now mom iz callin' me goosy-loosy,   Now if u ask me, she iz the one who iz goosy.  An'since when r we B-bratz drumz?  Sumtimez when mom iz sittin'by us an'we r all listenin'tu musik, mom startz tappin'on us - at least she don't uze them stiks they uze fer drumz - just her fingerz. 
Well mom iz callin' fer me an'hiloh tu go outside.  I will say g'nite now frum me an'Shiloh.

Note from mom - Okm ao I'm a little excited - well ater almost 6 months total, I am so BEYOND ready for this to end.  The cornea transplant will be around 2:30 this Tuesday afternoon.  The surgery will be an outpatient procedure in Kansas City(Overland Park).  Along with the transplant, the surgeon is adding a layer of stem cells that he is hoping will aid in healing - stronger and healthier.  Mu sis and I are staying the nite at a nearby motel because I have my first
post-op appointment at 9 the  next morning then hopefully get to do a little shopping before we come home however that depends on what I hear from the doc.  My vision will still be a little blurry for a few days due to the stem cells but they are suppose to adhere into the eye within 2 weeks or so.  So I am not sure when I will be back - hopefully before the 2 weeks are up.  The doc says my vision will be like having a sheet of wax paper over my eye - like I told my pastor, I can deal with a sheet but it/s the box I am looking through now that I can't handle.  Will be bak when we can. 


JacksDad said...

Best of wishes on your operation. Here's hoping it's 110% successful!

Cinnamon and Mint said...

I hope the operation went well. Looking forward to hearing a good report.