Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In mem'ry of our little "big" brudder, Angel Oreo

Shiloh here - I'm gonna talk 'boutz my little "big" brudder, Angel Oreo, cuz 'cept fer mom, I knew him best.  An'sum of u haf seen this b-4 butt we haf sum nu furrendz who haven't.  (mom fergot tu du this last week  so I am duin'it now)

When I came tu live with mom, Angel Oreo - he wuzn't an angel yet - butt mom sez he wuz gettin'older (going on 12) an'mom wanted anuther doggy - a companion fer Oreo an'I wuz it.  Mom didn't know there cood b a lotta truble with an older dog an'a rambunctus pup like me (I wuz 8 weekz old).  BUTT az u can c

we got along just fine, even b-came 'best budz'the older we gotz

Here is me, mom'n Oreo all tugether at our very first Christmas tugether-
sorry fer the poor quality - mom sed the film messed up - b-4 the diggy camera.

This next pikchur iz of me'n Oreo at our second Christmas

Butt then later in 2006, Oreo started sleepin'more an'he wuz stayin'by hisself out in the kitchen.  Mom sed he had a 'episode' erlier that summer - after it wuz over, Oreo seemed fine an'he wuz eatin'ok but mom notised he had more problemz not goin'potty in the house - that'z when mom started puttin'diaperz on Oreo.  He didn't even wanna play no more.  Mom started tu notis that when Oreo walked intu the living room - he wood just stand there az if lookin'fer sumthin'then turn around an'walk bak tu the kitchen tu nap.  Mom wuz worried - she didn't want tu let Oreo go an'leave us by ourselves butt she didn't want Oreo tu suffer any more either.  An'she just didn't want tu let him go tu the Rainbow Bridge unless he wuz really ready.

Rite after Thanksgivin'of 2006, we got little sis, Shasta - this is a tag that mom'z friend made with all of us - it iz furry much speshal tu mom cuz this wuz Oreo'z last New Year an'Shasta'z first.

Mom wuz still havin'truble - she wuz worried that she wood let Oreo cross the Bridge tu soon butt then agin she nu his quality of life wuz just not there anymore.  Shasta wuz more of a pain tu him than I ever wuz az a pup so she kept them separated.  Finally, after mom had talked an'talked 'boutz when tu let Oreo cross the Bridge - all the vetz wood tell her iz "You will know"  No one ever told her how she wood know - ya'see, mom had never had to deal with this b-4 even tho she had grown up with doggyz - her dad alwayz took care of taking the doggy fer that final trip tu the Bridge.  Butt she believed firmly that this wuz her duty - she owed this tu Oreo - she just didn't know when or how she wood know.  Even her sis talked tu sum peeple who owned Westiez like she duz - "How do u know when" she wood ask them.  At first there wuz just more "You will know".  One day tho, a friend of mom's sis sed sumthin furry much impawtent - "You will know when you cradle your dog's face in your handz an'you look intu that face an'there iz nuthin'there lookin'bak at u".  So one day, that iz what mom did - az she sat on the kitchen floor one day, she held Oreo in her armz an'looked intu his little face - an'yes, that'z when she knew.

Mom made Shasta stay home that day we took my little "big" brudder Oreo tu b-gin his trip over the Rainbow Bridge cuz Shasta didn't really know Oreo butt she did take me cuz she knew we were "best budz".  Az we sat there in the room, mom knew she had made the right d-cision cuz little Oreo didn't even wimper when he got that first shot - he just laid there like he wuz takin'a nap.   I wuz rite there b-side mom when Oreo left us - I got tu b there tu say "See ya later, Best Bud"


Agnes B. Bullock said...

Dear Shiloh and Shasta- Thank you for sharing this story. We did not know of the beautiful bond with Oreo, WHN only hopes that the square she made with Oreo's collar is acceptable. (She is crying again!)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh how Sad and yet so Beautiful and Loving. Sigh SIGH

Just Jess for now said...

What a beautiful story.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Shiloh what a beautiful tribute
Benny & Lily

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Saying goodbye is always the hardest thing we have to do...but yes, they tell us when they're ready to go and our love for them helps us to understand.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful story, Oreo was very lucky and sounds like he was very loved.

You were one very cute pair as well.

We are glad Oreo got to spend his last few years with you, he would have loved to have a little one to play with.


River said...

We love to read life stories. Oreo was one loved dog. The pain of loss never really goes away--we just get busy with the current moments. It's good to revisit the memories.

love & wags,
River & his mom

Blu on Wheels said...

Dear Shiloh and Shasta,
A beautiful story for a beautiful dog. You have a great mom who cares greatly for u all.