Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well as the Beaglebratz told you last evening, I did have another appointment yesterday with the eye doctor - actually they just said hu-doc but at this time, you can pretty well figure it was either my local optometrist or the specialist in Overland Park, Kansas - this was the specialist which is why I was late getting home.  They survived just fine and after I gave them each a tater tot and a few carrots with their kibble, I think they forgave me for leaving them so long.

So there is really not much to tell that I didn't already tell you.  Except it has improved a little or at least no worse (gee, haven't I heard that before?)  Yes, the Herpes Simplex virus has migrated from the upper outer edge of my eye, where it caused NO vision problems and now it is moving over the central vision where it is causing a little problem.  My specialist is optimistic that maybe the virus will just keep migrating to the lower outer edge of my eye - preferably just keep on migrating right on out off my eye.

So overall, I am happy about that.  BUT (yes, there IS a but) I use to be able to tell people that I can be there at a certain time and certain place.  If there is ANYTHING that has really hit me hard over the past two years - I can't do that anymore, I can't commit to something anymore.  I know this can happen to anyone really but the chances of it really happening to me is more likely to occur - it already has a couple of times which is why I don't commit to much of anything anymore.  For example - our therapy dog group has an evaluation coming up in about 2 weeks and they depend on members helping out in whatever way needed; I use to do that - if I said I was going to do something then you could depend on me being there.  Or, that evaluation coming up - Shasta and me need our re-evalution which costs us $20 that goes to our local group and is non-refundable but the money is not the issue as much as not knowing if I would even be able to see well enough that day since my vision can change almost hour to hour.  But I think the biggest issue I have is not being able to say "Yes, I can help out" or "I can be there at that time and do that". 
Even here in Blogville it is affecting me - I missed several emails from businesses who were willing to have me try a product and review it here - even if they were willing to try again, I'm leery of committing to things like that now

Oh well, time to let Shiloh'n Shasta out - at least they are something I can commit too.  I'm rambling and I have eye drops to use before I can go to bed so I best stop for now.


Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Things are getting better so just take it one day at a time with no commitments. We all have our paws crossed this will just go away and be a bad memory. And we have a lot of paws in our house!


Oskar said...

I hope that things improve soon. We keep you in our prayers.

Nubbin wiggles & hugs,
Oskar & Pam

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I am just going to focus on the fact that nothing has gotten worse... Sometimes just staying the same fur a time.. is a really GOOD thingy.

You KNOW you can count on Blogville. we are here fur you.. Just like our dear furends Shasta and Shiloh.
PeeS... I bought a Shasta Kiss!!! hehehe

KB said...

I'm glad that you think that it might be migrating right out of your eye.

I've experienced the same thing due to health issues. I tend not to commit to things because I'm afraid that I'll have to back out at the last minute. It's frustrating. My problem is my spine...

I will be thinking of you, hoping that your vision gets better.