Friday, December 10, 2010

Sum of our Christmas dekorashunz

We had planned tu put this post up yestaday BUTT
we all no how momz can b an'we had more pikchurz we wan ted tu add in.

Mom wuz a lazy butt bizy the weekend after Thanksgivin'puttin'out all our Christmas dekorashunz. She duzn't haf a shed or anythin'like that tu store the dekorashunz so she keepz most of the stuffz in a clozet - she callz it her Holiday Clozet
this iz where almost all of her holiday stuffz r kept 
(she duz haf sum other placez tu). 
It iz mostly Christmas stuffz BUTT 
u can c Mr. Pumpkin peekin’out hiz head in there tu.

We didn’t haf no tornadoz like they did at Miss Puddles place when our mom used the vacula butt it wuz still noisy’n we didn’t want tu git sucked up in it so we stayed clear of mom. Az u can c – our mom haz a few of them snowmen tu.

An’yep – we gotz sum of them red’n green boxez

An’this ornament-

it iz 1 of mom’z favz cuz her mom had it when our mom wuz born– 
it ALWAYZ haz a front and center place on our Christmas tree.

Mom haz a lot of fav ornamentz-
here r sum more-
she haz so very many that she d-sided tu make
them small'n let u bigefy tu c better

Now  here iz a ornament with a great idea behind it or iz that in it - that big box haz dog treatz'n that doggie iz gettin'1.  Just think, dog treatz ANYTIME u want - now there iza thought!

Here r sum of our friendz around our Christmas tree-

an'theze friendz r goin'fer a ride

Theze 2 ornamentz mom callz Shiloh'n Shasta- 
we thought we were thoze namez - did we git shrunk?
 Nope - here we iz


JacksDad said...

Wow, your mom has a whole room just for Christmas stuff? We have to keep all of ours up in the attic!!

Wyatt said...

I see a lot of Beagles there. My favorites are the 2 in the last picture :)

Wyatt and Stanzie

(love the pine cone ornament too, that's really special!)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh my mom went all cracker dawg crazy when she saw your fireplace and mantle. Don't know why (wink).
Love the pinecone ornament. Soooo special.
BEARS... you gots BEARS all around your tree. Those are grrrreat.
Your house looks super festive, butt I like the very last picture best of all.

Unknown said...

Ooooohhhhh.......what beautiful decorations! I think I even spied a Snoopy ornament!!!

I especially loved that last foto! Da Santa beard is pawsome! BOL

Kess And Her Mama said...

Looks like you're all set for Christmas! We have to say that you two are the best Christmas decoration of all!

V.L. Locey said...

Wowzers, you guys have lots of decorations! And what adorable beagles you are all dressed up!

Furry Bottoms said...

OH my, HOW CUTE!!!!

Unknown said...

that is alot of christmas stuff all in one closet but it does look very nice all over your house. Thank you for sharing your cool ornaments.

Peggy Frezon said...

The best decorations are the two adorable guys under the tree!