Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas Day, part 2

Agin, we want tu start with sumthin'difrent.
Mom sed we shood probably show u our tree- 
it will likely b the last day 
u cood c it in 1 peece->

See that stand there on the left - that'z Rudolph.
He holdz all them great Christmas cardz u'all sent us-
here iza close-up pikchur->
BUTT mom sez if we can du the card x-change next year then 
she wantz tu show them off in a difrent way so 
that peeple can c them better.

Ok, now on with the show->
R'member when we talked 'bout duin'them product reviewz-
'bout may-b needin'sum clothez?
Well lookee here->
Theze r the nu shirtz that we got frum 
1 of mom'z co-werkerz an'she
gave us a big bag of Snausagez.
U'all can clik on theze little pikchurz if u want tu bigefy them.

We had 1 more prezzie each left tu open->
Mom made us save'em fer Christmas evenin'after
we got home frum Aunt Sis place=
mom sed they wuz speshal fer us

SHASTA:  I got mine opened furst - I gotta 
nu perty pink Fluffy Pup

SHILOH:  I think mine had more wrap on it cuz
it took me longer tu git it->

SHILOH:  Oh there it iz - a Santa elyfant->

SHILOH:  Not shur y Shasta wuz havin'such a conip-shun fit-
she wuz all howlin'an'barkin'at me.
I wuz just gittin'tu no my Santa Elyfant while
her Fluffy Pup wuz layin'there, all by it'z lonesum self.

Oh dear, we fergot tu show u'all what else we gotz in our stockin's

Thoze Mini Naturals r Zuke's an'they
wuz salmon tu - more YUMMY!

An'that wuz our 2010 Christmas-
can't wait fer next year.........
~Shiloh'n Shasta~


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

You sure got some great pressies. You both look very stylish in your new shirts. And yummy chummies are really yummy. Mom uses those when we are working on some obedience or tricks.

Happy New Year!

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and the Momster

Wyatt said...

Happy New Year, Beaglebratz!
See you in 2011!

Wyatt and Stanzie

3 doxies said...

Your tree is just beautifuls and all sparkly!
I loves them new shirts, ya'll is stylin fur sures (although ya'll always is stylin').
Hehehehe...Shasta wanted your toy Shilo...cuz it wasn't hers...duh! I has a new blankie dat I'll trade fur them treats...I didn't think so...sigh!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Your tree looks Wonderful. It is all sparkly and shiny.
that Rudolph card holder thingy is super grrrreat. Never seen one like that before.
Your shirts are FANTASTIC. They fit just perfect and you look grrrreat in them.
Wow... your mom was right to save those pressies fur Last... what a grrreat way to STRETCH OUT THE FUN!!!!
Happy New Year!!