Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shiloh is yelping - doesn't want to move, just wants to lay down

Not sure what is going on with Shiloh - just started in the last couple of hours.  I'm hoping he just pulled a muscle or wrenched his shoulder   when he was trying to escape through the fence.  I have gotten smart about him doing that and whenever he is out Shiloh wears his Sensation harnedd - that makes it easier for me to grab him and get him back in the yard - except I wonder if something more happened this time.  Sometimes, like if I put my arm behind his back legs to move him, when he is standing, he yelps.  Or when he got up from laying down, he mignt have been sleeping crooked or something.  He seems to be eating ok - he had already eaten his dinner but I gave him a small treat a bit ago and didn't have a problem with that.  He did go out and potty a bit ago so that is working - he did drink but not much like he usually does.  I have a 24/7 vet clinic about s block or two but the vet there has a bad rep - excessive tests(of which me and Shiloh have personal experience), surgery, was suspended for a month or two due to poor record keeping, spotty care of animals.  A few years ago Shiloh was found to have Intervertebral Disk Disease of the tailbone area along with two missing disks in the lower tailbone.  Not sure about Aspirin - have an off-brand equivalent to baby aspirin but that's it.

And since I can't drive, not sure what to do and of course it started AFTER our regular vet was closed.  A little while ago when I walked over to him he did wag his tail with no problem - no yelping.  Right now he is laying on an old dog bed I keep on the deck - it is unseasonably warm this week so I'm sure the coolness feels good since it is kinda stuffy in here.  I am hoping that in the morning he will be better, at least some.  I really don't want to take time off work so not sure what I will do about that.

This is a bit of a switch for me - asking for some of that Blogbille Power of the Paw for one of my dogs but right now, that is all that I can do for Shiloh.


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

So sorry to hear this. No aspirin. Dogs aren't supposed to have aspirin. Paws crossed it is just a pulled muscle. We hope someone can help you tomorrow get him to the vet if he isn't better. We sure hope he will be OK.

Hugs and woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom too

GOOSE said...

Sending our prayers. I hope it is a pulled muscle and nothing more.
Let us know what you find out.

Sharon said...

Hopefully it's just a pulled muscle.

As long as he'll take a treat... It's when they don't, that I worry more.

Let us know please.

River said...

As far as I know baby aspirin is okay for dogs. I give it to mine. Rest is good until you can get to a vet. We hope that it's just a muscle problem.

love & wags,

3 doxies said...

Oh No not poor Shiloh! I is gonna keep my paws crossed real tight dat he gonna be okie dokie.
You prolly be safer not takin' him to da ER vet cuz then IF you has to take time off you prolly couldn't afford all his tests...hehehe.

Serious;y, let us know how he is.


Agnes B. Bullock said...

Prayers are headed Shiloh's way from his girlfriends ginger and Tasha! (and the rest of the DWM!) Our vet has Thai on baby aspirin, but only half of one, if that will help

K9 Katastrophie said...

We are praying for sweet Shiloh! Please let us know how he is doing!


Scooter said...

Hey Shiloh.
Wow, I'm sorry to hear you have an ouchie. I am sure that it will turn out to be nothing serious, and I am sending you a bunch of my healing vibes. Take care and feel better, my good furiend.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Paws crossed in Florida too. We hate it when one of our furiends is sick or not feeling up to squirrel chasing!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH SHILOH... I am so sorry to hear this. I hope it is just a pulled muscle. PLEASE keep us posted.

Two French Bulldogs said...

so sorry. We are keeping all our paws crossed
Benny & Lily