Monday, October 19, 2009

Very fortunate

This is my Shiloh-boy or Shi-boy altho there is nothing shy about him.
Before we all head off to bed, I have a few thoughts I wanted to jot down first & it's the events of this past weekend (read previous post),
that makes me realize just how fortunate I have been with him.
First, he is the one that got me started with Beagles & has taught me the most about myself & my relationship with dogs -
Beagles in particular.
He has proven to me time & time again,
just how much of a challenge a Beagle can be -
ok - downright stubborn at times.
But guess what?  He's worth it & what's more is he has shown me
that what people have said about me all while growing up -
that I'm stubborn & bull-headed, sometimes is a good thing.
I wonder if that is why we have become a great team - I can match his stubborness inch for inch.
Now for why else we are both extremely fortunate;
Shiloh has crossed the same street where my neighbor's dog was hit.
He has gotten away from me altho
since I started using the martingale collar, it hasn't happened.
At first, he stayed within our neighborhood but then,
on two different occasions, he went outside the neighborhood -
having to cross busy streets both times.
Yes, we are both extremely fortunate -
now Shiloh can continue to be the great therapy dog that he is &
my 4-legged best friend & loyal companion.

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