Friday, October 2, 2009

Ok – so this blog is starting to look a little better – adding pics, added a few links, changed the template a little – a little overall updating; just wish I wouldn’t do it so late at nite when I should be in bed. I have to get up in the morning at 5:30 and that comes terribly early when you don’t get to bed until almost midnite the nite before.

I would like to know why time thinks it has to go so fast. Here it is Friday – our animal shelter’s big fundraiser, Paws In The Park, was last Saturday but yet it seems like yesterday (even tho I know I was here at work). I have learned something about having time to write in my blog here at work but yet not being online to much at one time here at work – just hope this works; copy-paste from a word document that I have offline so that way just keep a rolling dialogue going all day. And I bet some of you more experienced bloggers are now saying, DUH! Give me time - I may catch up on some stuff. Bad thing here - I don't have access to my pics on my home computer nor can I access Photobucket here at work where many of my pics are stored online. Ok - I have been online here for a few minutes - will have to stop shortly and get bak to work.

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