Friday, October 2, 2009

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Added @ 11:44 CST - since there is so much in this post, decided to do a new post rather than add it to the last one.

Oh I hooked up with a blog of someone I know from a listserve for people who own Beagles – that led me to another doggy blog which then led me to a list of doggy blogs – oh I am in seventh-heaven now; just wish I was home so I could spend more time on it. However I have added a few of those doggy blogs to my list of blogs that I follow – bet I add more later.

However tonite and for a while tomorrow, my focus wil be on getting Shasta ready for her evaluations tomorrow and then actually doing them – one for her Delta Society Pet Partner therapy dog and one for her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) standing. Luckily, these will both be held in the same place which is really convenient for me since I don’t drive and have to arrange for public transportation. I have been working with her quite a bit this past week. Last nite and this past Tuesday evening we went to Petsmart to continue working on socialization and trying to get her to stop pulling so much on the leash – no, there were no classes as we have already been through 4 levels of obedience. Rather we went there just to practice what we both have already learned and trying to perfect a few of those skills. I have to admit, my baby girl (she will be 3 y.o. on 10/8/09) really made me proud as we walked by the many stacks of dog food, totally focused and watching me as she walked – instead of pulling the leash to try and find the few pieces of kibble that mite lay under the shelves. That really shows how well bonded and how much trust she puts in me, that she can watch me as we walk and knows that I will not lead her into danger. There may not be a whole lot done on the computer tonite - we are not going anywhere except maybe for a walk but I need to give Shasta a good bath and get our bag ready - need treats, brush, water and bowl and clean up stuff as well as her blankie. Might take my camera too - never know when that photo op might present itself and I want to be ready.

Ok - time for lunch..........

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