Sunday, October 25, 2009

Camera Critters #81

The Beaglebratz are here - Shiloh & Shasta.  Mom is finishing laundry & left the 'puter on so thought we would do our

Camera Critter #81 post.  Shiloh here: Mom has not been well lately, at least she says she is under the weather.  Shasta here: Well Shiloh, we r all UNDER the weather - we r down here on the ground'n the weather iz above us - 'n it duz keep on coming down so maybe that iz y mama sez she iz under the weather - she duz not smile much the past few daze.  She blames the weather.  Shiloh here:  Well you duz not help much little sis - whenever mom is home, you want to go outside all the time - never give her much time to do what she needs to do.  Shasta here: Well a doggy has tu du what a doggy has tu du.  'N besides, there iz sumthing out there - I kin smell it.  Shiloh here: Well I know that, I is a Beagle too - just like you.  Oh, our mom went to the punkin patch yesterday - here are sum pics - 
These are too big for us.

These are better-

These are some of the things they had for kids to do -
click on the small pics to see bigger

Ok - it is about time for us Beaglebratz to go to bed (mom too).  Mom is not happy - back to work tomorrow - we Beaglebratz don't like that much either.  Shiloh here:  It is raining'n dreary - has been most of the week.  We gots to go now.   Beaglebratz say g'nite.

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