Monday, October 12, 2009

Shiloh Beaglebrat reporting for duty

Ok, this here is Shiloh. I am the man of the house and it is way past time that I have my chance here. Ya'know, it was bad enuf that my mom even let Shasta have her say here first but then to put that video BEFORE I even had a chance to say ANYTHING! TOTALLY NOT FAIR!
I mean, I was her first Beagle and I achieved my therapy dog and
Canine Good Citizen status BEFORE Shasta was even thought of.
She was barely a year old when I achieved my Reading Education Assistance Dog status. When we were on stage at Paws In The Park this year, who did the tricks - ME, while Shasta was looking out at the audience. Who has won Best Pet Trick, 3 different times - ME!  Who has been around here the longest (besides mom) to keep the varmints out of the yard - ME!  And then she (Shasta) gets to have her say here first - then talk about pouring salt on the wound - I need to figure out a way to make mom pay for that.  So, I need to go for now = I've got some thinking to do.  Gotta go take a nap so maybe it will come to me in a dream - I do my best thinking that way.

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Anonymous said...

Oh its okay Shiloh! at least you get to have your say right?

You sound like me in that post of mine about my sis.. haha!

well my mom says thanks for putting our badge in your blog! We'll make sure to put a link to yours in our blog roll :)