Thursday, October 8, 2009


Mommy iz gonna let me talk!
(NA na na na na tu Shiloh cuz I am the 1st Beaglebratz that gits tu talk here -
iz only fair that we Beaglebratz git tu b here tu since the blog iz kinda about us)
Yep, it iz my barkday an'like the pikchur sez, I iz now 3yo.
An'I had a past few buzy daze -
on Saturday, mommy took me out tu take thoze testz -
that'z what she calls them but I no I wuz just havin'fun.
There wuz sum peeple there an'they wuz nice an'petted me
an'sed I wuz kute (but I nu that).
Then the next day mommy took me'Shiloh tu the park
an'we got blessed (just animals).
Aunt Sis brought hur Bailie (a widdle white doggy).
Mommy sed it wuz Blessing of the Animals.
An'now it iz my barkday - I iz tired so gonna go take a nap.


Quilt Works said...

So sweet! I love beagles, they have the gentles eyes.

I often feature them in my artwork.
Like this one

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Thank you so much for being my very first follower - I am honored that you chose my blog to follow. I have visited your blog and love your artwork and I love the Beagle one you did. I may just have to see what kind of picture I can find of the Beaglebratz for you to do.