Sunday, February 7, 2010

To Oreo - our little "big" bruther - in memury

Hello furriendz - Shiloh Beaglebrat here. I am gonna du the talkin'here tuday 'cuz Shasta wuz just a wee little thin'an'barely nu our little "big" bruther where-az he wuz here for the furst few yearz of my life.

Mom sed Oreo wuz a mix of Yorkie an'Poodle but whatever, he wuz my bestest bud (at least until Shasta b-kame my bestest bud) an'that'z all that mattered tu me. Az u kin see, I wuz just a little thin'when I moved home- Oreo wuz a wunerful teacher an'so patient with me - he taught me everythin' I needed tu no about playin'-

even as I grew bigger than he wuz.
Yep, we had sum good timez tugether 
b-4 he went to his final 4-ever home at the Rainbow Bridge.

He taught me everythin'I ever need tu no about raizin'my little sister Shasta

(note from mom - for some reason I thought Oreo's  anniversary date was 2/7 which is why Shiloh posted it when I asked him to)



Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hi Shasta and Shiloh, This was a beautiful tribute post. Oreo must have been tired after teaching you all of that. Sorry.

Andrea said...

Beautiful memories and tribute.

JacksDad said...

Thank you for sharing Oreo with us! I'm glad he had such a great home!

Sapphire said...

Oreo is so curly cute (: Shiloh you are most privileged to have learn from Oreo! Shasta too (P