Thursday, February 4, 2010


Good morning tu all our furriendz.  Fer the past couple of yearz, our mom haz watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet - it iz on around the same time az the Super Bowl.   They even haf a half-time kitty show.  But we herd sumthin' that may b a bit disturbin' tu our fellow pupperz.  This year there will be a blimp providin' sky coverage - this is not so bad but it iz thoze 2 varmits that were hired tu "man" the blimp.  We think the best way fer u tu understand the full gravity of the upcoming situatshun iz tu watch theze VIDEOZ There r 3 videoz plus the stupid commercialz. U never no what other varmitz mite b hidin' in that blimp - just waitin'tu drop onto thoze poor unsuspecin' an'defensless puppyz.  Sum of us may want tu b at the reddy in case we need to provide some bakup an'relief fer the puppyz.  I no us Beaglebratz r reddyin' our Sopwith Camels - may-b we cood even drive that blimp away b-4 any truble startz.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh Yeah you guys need to get your long scarves and goggles and Fire up the Sopwiths for sure. I like to watch the puppy bowl too.

JacksDad said...

The tall guy has two of the videos that he makes me watch sometimes. I try to tell him that those aren't real puppies (like the ones on America's Funniest Home Videos), but he won't listen to me!