Monday, November 28, 2016

Our 2nd November review fer #ChewyInfluencer

If u haz bin readin'any of my postz an'followin'along then u 
probably know that me an'my mom iz memberz of the 
#ChewyInfluencer team.
Az such, we pawticipate in the Blog Hop which iz co-hosted by 
held each month.

Yep - there'z  the  d-livery guy with 
anuther box-
shure due hope this one iz fer me.

here iz what wuz in it-

Yeah, I know-
that'z kind of a big box fer a bag of treatz BUTT
I did a review last week of what else wuz in that box so
if u missed it then go HERE tue check it out.

Ok, now bak tue the review at hand umm, make that paw.

 I TRIED tue open'em BUTT finally mom hadta help.

 Mom made me wait tue eat theze treatz UNTIL
she cood git a pikchure of'em.  B-cuz they r freeze-dried they 
break in-tue smaller peecez super eazy.

Ok - enuf waitin'already - 
theze r MY treatz an'I iz eatin'em - NOW!

Well there iz not much tue say'bout what iz in theze most 
YUMMERLISHUSH treatz which meanz 
they r super healthy fer us woofiez-
100% wild Alaskan Salmon
USDA inspected, free-rangin'an'grass fed
Wisconsin Bison.
Yepperz - that's it!

Here iz what Chewy sez'bout theze treatz-

Key Benefits

  • 100% USA raised and harvested Alaskan Salmon and Bison
  • Freeze dried raw for optimal nutrition
  • No wheat, corn, grains, sugar, fillers, chemicals or by-products
  • Truly the most portable dog treat around
  • Treat will motivate your dog making it easier to train
Of  course I love theze treatz cuz they taste
so yummy an'my mom lovez'em cuz
they r so healthy fer me an'cuz they r eazy tue
break intue smaller peecez 
(altho I never will unnerstand y she wantz tue due this) an'she also
lovez'em cuz I love'em.

So I guess that meanz-
4 PAWZ UP frum me'an
2 HANDZ WAVIN'frum mom!

We received 1 bag of the 
TruDog Treat Me Surf and Turf Diced Delight
Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
for our honest opinion.
We did not receive any other form of compensation.


Millie and Walter said...

Those look super delish and we can tell you really liked them. Great review Lady Shasta.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Don't you just love when rat Chewy box arrives
Lily & Edward