Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coming back to my blog

Well I am going to try to get here a little more often since I found out I can access this from work - I belong to several groups online that I can't so this will be a nice outlet for me'n the Beaglebratz. I was a member of many MSN groups until they made the stupid decision to close them all - people don't realize the bonds one can develop online & how important the ties are - some people were fortunate enough to meet some of their cyber friends; I have talked to a few over the phone & exchanged Christmas card or other doggy stuff. Anyway, most of my doggy groups I belonged to are ones I can't access here at work so this place will have to do. Time to get to work now.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right about connections made on the internet. It's such a wonderful way to meet people and the best way to be in touch with people that you may never meet. Definitely not on to close down websites that have brought people close.

CJ xx