Friday, May 6, 2011


Pip an'hiz mom r tryin'tu sell their house BUTT they r kinda sad b-cuz it iz not goin'well rite now. Well, like Guv'ner Puddles haz shown u'all tuday, there is alot tu this house. An'don't b fooled by the outside - it iz much more spacious an'elegant INSIDE!   So we Beaglebratz wanna make shur all of Blogville no'ze 'boutz PIP's house an'may-b we can all help git it sold (altho we furkidz can't figur out what it iz with hoo-minz who alwayz want tu sell an'move sumwherez else - even our mom iz not immune frum this).  We furkidz cood care less az long az we haz a full tummy an' peeple who care 'bout us  - that'z all we iz sayin'rite now.

~Shiloh 'n Shasta~


3 doxies said...

I thinks da house should really sell on da fact it has a tiki bar...what else does one possibly need??????
Gosh, I hope nobuddy gets confused with my mansion and wants to buy it. Surely not!


Unknown said...

Wowser..with all of Blogville involved....Pips house is sure to sell!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

You two did a super job on helpin Pip to get his house sold.

Hey.. if you got here in time .. you might have gotten one of those
SCAM Wow towels that Puddles was givin out. You could put some of that Rabbit scent on THOSE and have a BLAST!

The Daily Pip said...

Hey friends!

I am sorry I am so late, but mama had to go to work ...her job is ALWAYS getting in the way of my blogging.

Mama thought maybe she was seeing things this morning when she started seeing all these beautiful posts! It made her a little weepy, but don't tell anyone.
Thanks so much for this post and your good wishes!

Your pal, Pip