Thursday, January 23, 2014

A late report on our Christmas 2013 on this Thankful Thursday

Even tho our mom duz NOT make any formal-like, specific rezalueshunz, 
she still thinkz'boutz stuff she wantz tue change.


One thing she thought'boutz changin'wuz helpin'us
Beaglebratz due more postz -
wellllll, we Beaglebratz haf dun x-actly 2 an'mom haz dun 2 since the New Year b-gan!
HEY MOM - New Year'z b-gan over
An'that BLOG POST she did where
she sed "the next post shood b by the Beaglebratz"

Ok - so we digress - we r here tue 
talk'boutz OUR Christmas.
Like sum of u out there,
our mom wood NOT let us open OUR
gift x-change prezziez 
UNTIL Christmas mornin'.

(note from Mom Kim - I tried to get more pictures but when the Beaglebratz started working on their stockings - where some loose treats were - then I had to go into a go-between mode beside the picture-taker mode) 

Maggie Mae frum The Three Little Pugs
wuz Diva Shasta's little Santa Elf
(this wuz kinda funny b-cuz Shiloh wuz 
Maggie Mae's Santa elf)
Millie frum 
 Bird Brains an'Dog Tales
wuz Shiloh'z Santa Elf.
On with the show-

While finishin'up with treatz frum her stockin'
Diva Shasta checked out the new bed frum 
Santa Pawz'n one of her new toyz frum Maggie Mae.
(the purple one)
Later she wuz seen givin'it sum 
intense investigashun. 

Here iz the pink(fav color) Fat Cat toy which she
tried tue sneek outside with later-
(From mom - I know there were treats but
they didn't make it into a picture before
they were GONE!)
Here r my(Shiloh) prezziez that were
made just fer me by Millie'z mom-
I knowz there wuz close soupervizion 
by Millie tue make shure they were just rite.
Furst there wuz a blue unstuffie with 
many squeekerz an'then also this with a squeeker
a blue plush bone'n u can c what it sez.
(Bite Me)

I(Shiloh) also got this neeto-sweeto bandana
(may-b if u bigefy the pikchure u can c it better)

(Ok - a little confession fom mom Kim - yep, both
Shiloh'n Diva Shasta got treats but at this late date I can't remember  who got what - this was one of the time's I had to go into the go-between mode. The Old Mother Hubbard biscuits are the ones that didn't last long enuf to get in a pic - bad mom.  In light of Zuke's being recently bought out by Nestle Pina, so glad these are still around altho I'm a bit surprized the way Shiloh was going after these.)

Oh, we Beaglebratz also got prezziez frum a former co-werker of our mom'z-
we each got a
They each haza squeeker in the hat.

We Beaglebratz want tue say a
furry much HOOGE THANK-U
tue Maggie Mae (frum Diva Shasta)'n
Millie (frum Shiloh).

We r takin'pawt in this week's
Thankful Thursday blog hop.
We r furry much thankful tue
Jazzi'n her Mom 
fer duin'the Christmas gift x-change'n
of course Maggie Mae an'Millie 
(an'there momz fer helpin'tue) fer such
wunnerful Christmas prezziez.
(From the mom - I am so very much thankful that we have been, not just accepted/welcomed into Blogville but supported with encouragement, your prayers, your compassion and your love.  There is something about this Blogville and the Cat Blogosphere too, communities that could only be matched by one thing - if we all could meet in one place at the same time.  Until that special time-
we have our special 
pet communities in Cyberspace.)

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~
~an'Mom Kim~  

PeeES - An'in case u hazn't herd - there r sum sickiez goin'on over at 
The Chronicle of Woos 
Thunder haza boo-boo on hiz tail an'had tue haf surgery'n
Ciara iz bein'watched fer the 
seizure monster-
if u hazn't yet, 
PLEEZE stop by their blog an'leeve them sum of thoze werdz of support, compashun an'POTP an'prayerz our mom talked'boutz.


stellaroselong said...

Oh wesa so glad that you liked Maggie's presents. Our mom MADE that braided chewy that is why it looked so weird, we wanted to keep the pink pig cos wesa liked her too!
stella Rose

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WE say better Late than NEVER... OH MY what a FANGtastic Christmas you two did have... So many FUN toys and Delicious treats.. We are glad that you liked ALL of the TOYS.
Your Exchange pawtners did a super job of sending PERFECT thingys for both of you.

Millie and Walter said...

We're so glad you liked your toys, treats, and bandana. Our mom loves doing crafty things for Christmas.

Unknown said...

What a great Chrimbo and the pups sure struck the mother lode with all those goodies. We adore the bandana. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly.

Unknown said...

What a haul! You both must have been VERY GOOD last year - right? Have a GREAT day.

Two French Bulldogs said...

It's never to late to post about Christmas and all the goodies

Murphy said...

What great prezzies - better late than never!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I agree with Lily- its never too late to share what ya got for Christmas. You all got some mighty nice stuff!
We are keeping Ciara and Phantom in our hearts and send healing wishes for them
We want to say- we are thankful that we know you in this wonderful land of blogsphere.

Unknown said...

Wow, what an amazing Christmas! I hope my beagle doesn't get online and see that spread.

Anonymous said...

Lucky dogs!

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello beaglebratz its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like sum grayt krismas loot yoo got their!!! thank yoo for yore kind wurds and support dooring tuckers final ilness all the visits and thawts ment a lot to us the last fyoo diffikult days!!! ok bye

Mary Lou said...

Team Beaglebratz....
I've been a stranger in these parts of Blogville--again!!--it feels so good to be back!! ;-D
Do not worry about breaking New Year's Resolutions. I am still working on 2013's!! Plus this year's.... But tell your Mom to get cracking with hers!! I miss reading your Blog posts!! ;)
You mean they wolfed down every single treat right away?! Wow.... Rose just finished her Christmas biscuits!! But then again. I also baked some on January 15th in honor of Shadow's Gotcha Day!! ;-D
Those Santa Claus toys are adorable!! ;op
--Raelyn and Rose

Maggie Mae and Max said...

So nice to finally meet you both! Thanks fur stoppin' by today, we LUVS to make new furiends!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max

Unknown said...

Looks like a lovely christmas!

haopee said...

Hey guys, welcome back... or I guess I just missed a lot.

Firstly, thank you for dropping by and sending some comforting words our way, Mom Kim.

Second, because of those kinds of incidents with presents... we usually put the camera and record the whole thing instead. LOL.

Third, thank you for telling us about the Woos... we haven't dropped by for a long time.

Unknown said...

You are more than welcome to join the Pet Parade! Beagle seems to be the theme of the day, did you see who's featured? Is this a conspiracy? I'm keeping an eye on you Beagles. ~Rascal and Rocco