Sunday, March 9, 2008

More of my beagles

Have to add a little about my little girl Beagle before we all head for bed. Shasta (Tess's Sparkling Shasta) is my little Beagle girl who turned 17 months old yesterday, 3-8-08. She is on her way to becoming my 2nd therapy dog - Beagles really do make some of the best visiting therapy dogs. Last year, Shasta successfully graduated from basic obedience but due to my finances, we were not able to continue until now - she is quite smart and we are now working on intermediate obedience classes. I hope to be able to complete our evaluation for therapy dog this fall - after she earns her Canine Good Citizen standing.

Back to Shiloh a bit - since he really is the one who started my love affair with the Beagle. Besides being a visiting therapy dog (we are a Pet Partner team through Delta Society), a little over a year ago, I participated in a day-long seminar so that we could qualify as a Reading Education Assistance Dog team or R.E.A.D. Shiloh and I (there are also other Pet Partner's/R.E.A.D.) go in to our city library where young children can take turns reading to the dogs. This method has been proven to aid in a child's reading development. More on this later - time for bed now.

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