Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Beagles, cont.

I am going to redo that last post - I forgot to change the color of the font so it didn't show up - hope this is better.

I am currently owned by 2 Beagles - Shiloh (Ringo's Little Boy Shiloh). Shiloh, my neutered male, will be 5 years old later this month. He is a registered visiting therapy dog who earned his Canine Good Citizen standing from the American Kennel Club. He is also my first Beagle that I got when he was about 8 weeks of age. We have been through a lot together. For the first few months of his life with me, I was encourage several times that "you might be better off with a different dog - a smaller one and one that is easier to handle". I am disabled - I can walk and get around on my own two feet but I can get pulled off balance somewhat easily and some people were worried I might fall and get hurt. Shiloh is big for a Beagle - by the time he was 7 or 8 months of age, he was physically full grown at about 16 inches - he was also large boned, not fat or anything like that, just very muscular. We started with basic obedience classes and didn't finish until he had been through some advanced level obedience classes. (More later ..... my Beagles need feeding and I do too)

Ok - I still haven't eaten but getting ready to. Also have some bills to pay and laundry to finish. IF I don't make it back tonite then will try to get back tomorrow sometime.

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