Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prayerz fer safe journey

Hi,  the Beaglebratz here -

Me & Shiloh haf a special request tu ask of u'all.  This afternoon at 4:15,
Mica, Petey' catbro over at Petey's Playhouse , will b making hiz journey over the Rainbow Bridge.  We here at Team Beaglebratz no that the past few daze at Petey's Playhouse haf not bin eazy onez for Petey's mom.  There iz a sweet pikchur of Mica an'Petey sleepin'tugether over at Petey's Playhouse.  Please follow that link above over tu Petey's Playhouse an'show your support an'concern fer Petey's mom and fer Petey an'most impawtent - tu pray fer a safe journey fer Mica.


3 doxies said...

I read your postie and went straight overs there and now I backs to comment..
WHEW...dat is so hard to have to say good bye to a faithful furiend...but somehows we always haves a way of letting our hoomans lnow when da time is right.
Thanks fur posting on their behalf...i don't knows them but I do now and thanks fur dat too.


Oskar said...

We just came from their site. So sad for Petey & his people.

Nubbin' wiggles,

Sapphire said...

It's sad. Petey will be watching over his people.