Monday, March 14, 2011

Takin'care of bizness - Relief for Japan's people & animals an'other

 Here I am - the Shiloh-man, concerned fer my fellow pets an'other animalz over in Japan.  The great Blogpaws blogger, Tom Collins, did a post yesterday about how u can help thoze needin'it sooooo bad - if u can help in any way, here iz the link tu Tom's post-
Helping people and pets in Japan .

Yep, I iz lookin'good - in all my most handsum self.  An'just in case no one no'ze, I can b found in one of them Kissin'Boothz BUTT - ya gotta hurry b-cuz it all endz this Friday, March 18.  It all goez fer anuther great cause - u can read all 'bout it at that link.

You all ain’t gonna b-lieve this – mom sez Mother Nature (who iz she?)  duzn’t understand what inappropriate meanz (mom sez that tu me tu sumtimez butt I still don’t no what it meanz).   Anyway, mom sed that Mother Nature person made it snow agin tuday an’that wuz inappropriate (that’z a BIG werd tu).  It haz bin kinda nice weather a little – x-speshally this past Saturday BUTT now our kingdom here iz covered with that icky white stuff an’it iz cold.  UPDATE:  When mom got home frum werk, most of that nasty white stuff - it wuz already gone so that meanz no pikchurz.  That'z ok - got a couple others-

Thoze of u with younger sibz - u probably no what this iz all 'bout -
tryin'tu copy your every move - I try tu show Shasta how it'z dun -
BUTT she just duzn't haf that head of herz tilted the rite way like I du.

Then here'z lookin'at u-
That's our serious look - we mean bizness (mom thinkz she duz this tu butt we du it so way much better.

Ok - dinner time - gotta go.

(yep, just me tuday cuz it IZ MY barkday month)


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

So much need in Japan - just so very sad.

We visited the kissing booths and sent you two some kisses. And all for a good cause.

We had that same snow and yes, it is jut about all gone here too. Back to mudville:(

Nice synchronized photos, and you know what, Shiloh, you did let Shasta make an appearance again:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

3 doxies said...

I just still can't believes all da devastations in Japan!

Hehehehe...Shasta will gets it down just you wait and sees!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Puddles MIGHT be Right... butt not during Shiloh's Birfday MONTH... hehehe YOU are the TOTAL STAR right now..
Of course.. you do realize that SHE is gonna have a birfday.. and then She will make you suffer. hehe

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

It is furry sad in Japan. I saw you ofur at the booths, and man, were the customers crazy!

I love the synchronized peektures. Hehe. I don't have a sibling so I got the whole blog to myself, except fur maybe the hamsters. (:


Two French Bulldogs said...

remember all our friends in Japan
Benny & Lily

magiceye said...

love you guys!!

woof woof
from bozo

Sharon said...

Hi! Welcome to Ya!
So nice of you to come to our blog! I do however, have problems reading dog speak, so bear with me if I miss-interpret once in a while! :-) said...

Well, hello there, fellow beagle buds! So glad you stopped by our blog, and even happier to have discovered yours.

May all of the Japanese beagles and non-beagles get home safely. We're reminded daily what to be grateful for.

Including a birthday! Happy early b-day, super Shiloh!

We'll be keeping in touch!
Wes, Wilma and Wendy

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

My raiser was furry sad to hear what happened in Japan, I just can't believe it - I feel furry sorry for everybody!