Tuesday, March 22, 2011

!!!!! WOWZERZ !!!!! An'other bizness

Not shur if u can all tell, BUTT

we now haf our 100th FOLLOWER!!!!
(Ok - sum of u haf more BUTT still a major goal fer us)
This iz Dolce-
he livez over at Dolce's Adventures
 If u haf not met Dolce yet well 
u shood hurry on over there.

ALSO, we r gettin'near tu
300 POSTZ!!!
(it seems like just yesterday we hit 200)
our 200th post'bout stuffz 

Anyway, we also recently made a 
nu hoomin friend which
iz just alrightee with us cuz
she brought sum furriendz along with her.
Betcha can't guess that the 2 pupperz r 
Jack n Jill an'their 
mom iz Sharon.
 You really need tu go over an'say HI!

Ok, az u'all no, there r so many more butt
u no how mom'z can b sumtimez - 
kinda lazy ain't they'n
they got other stuffz tu du.

Now az fer the OTHER bizness-
Over at ThoughtsFurPaws,
they r in the middle of their
Spring Pet Photo Contest 
Now this page is the 2nd post that 
showz the entriez BUTT 
that iz where our 2 pikchurz r-
yep, our mom got greedy'n
submitted 2 - here iz what u r lookin'fer

  Mom wuz wunderin'if u'all cood may-b go 
over there an'vote fer us.  
You can leave 1 comment with your 3 placings-
1st, 2nd & 3rd.
You can also send 2 emailz, 
each with the 3 placings
email tu 

Ok, that wuz a looooooooong post an'we
gotz other stuffz tu du so
we will c u'all later. 

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

(Shiloh here - yep, I no there iz stuff 'bout Shasta BUTT this iz blog stuff so I guess she duz need tu b included here.)


The Daily Pip said...

Dolce is a buddy of mine. He is a great guy and has many fun adventures.

Your pal, Pip

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...


Those are two hooooooge accomplishments.

What a special MONTH this is fur you!!!

Dolce said...

ahhh.. you are both so dorable!!! thanks for the mention and sweet words!! I'm going to get mommy to go over votes for you guys ...

300 posts!! that is hugeeeee!! Congrats!... Dolce

Sharon said...

Congratulations! You are doing big stuff there! WOW!

Thanks for the shout for our Mom, she forgets about that stuff a lot. (She's an old lady, don't you know)

Jack and Jill

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th and 300th! That's 400 reasons to celebrate! :D
Have a ball! :)

Waggin at ya,