Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Entriez fur SYNCHRONIZED PEEIN'that we haf received

Theze r the entriez fur SYNCHRONIZED PEEIN'that we haf received so far.  You shood haf gotten a confurmashun email frum us tue let u know we got your entry.


Yep, that'z rite - we did NOT receive ONE entry on the openin'day of submittin'entriez fur the Blogville Olympics.

Our event, the event we r hostin' - SYNCHRONIZED PEEING - we offer u sum samplez of what we due fur such an event - sum of u may haf other examplez


Once agin, our email iz 


an'our event will b on August 6th, 2012.

tue r'member!!!
THE OLYMPIC Committe MUST INSIST that All ATHLETES be ENTERED by Midnight (this is CENTRAL time zone fur us) July 18th (You already MISSED the first day tue enter)  in order for the athlete to be SCREENED fur Bugs.       The Peep Athletes have to be Screened fur DRUGS... butt WE of Blogville are above that!    However, we gotta be sure that no Fleas get in...          Complain to FRANKIE if you don't like the deadline.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~


Charlene and Storm said...

hi guys, me and stormy want to enter but he has no one to synchronize with??? and i like him lots but i am so not doing a wee out in the garden with him just so he is in with a chance. is he allowed a solo pee picture?

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I am SURE that there will be TONS of athletes comin your way...

NICE Sample... OOOPS I mean EXAMPLE pics you have there... hehehehe

Unknown said...

We will try and find a peeing partner but if not please forgive us. Have a great day.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

Were working on it, got to get dad with the camera when we go, he is just soooooooooo slow.

Susie & Sidebite

ShellePenn said...

I just sent the best pic I could find... but they are sneaky pee'ers. :)

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

Reuben said...

Too bad, for I is an expert in the solo peeing category! I works best alone, I finds. But I is looking forward to closely watching this event!


Sankissjuice said...

Congratulations on winning TANK's contest! I'm working on piggies' peeing. Hehe

I'll be back,

Murphy said...

We are going to enter this event because we do it all the time. However, mom and dad have not taken a photo because they thought they had more time. But we are going to be entering this competition!!

Your friends,

Murphy & Stanley