Wednesday, July 4, 2012

PSA - sad reminder for tuenite

We Beaglebratz haf tue wunder if this iz Miss Puddles neighber'z, the stoopidz. (see video)  Like we sed erlier - KEEP YOUR PETS INDOORS! 
We know this iz NOT funny - tue bad sum peepz don't know the danger here - both fur the Doxie AND the peepz.


Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Dats SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not funni at alls, some hu-peeps is mega stoopid n donts deserves to havs pets ovs ani sort


Cole said...

Ugh. Not funny AT ALL. I just want to yell at the people as they laugh.

3 doxies said...

Yeppers, I has seen dat befores and it makes me mad cuz it ain't one bit humerous. Luckily we ain't skeered of fireworks.
Idiots around my 'hood was shootin' of at 8:30 dis mornin'.


GOOSE said...

Not funny at all!!!! What are people thinking? They are not that's what. GRRRRRRRRRR.

Dachshund Nola said...

That's just horrible. Makes me want to bite someone

Unknown said...

Not funny and not nice.
We hope you had a lovely 4th July.
Best wishes Molly