Thursday, February 13, 2014


(NARRATION)  We are standing nearby a big building behind the house of Team Beaglebratz – it appears the building is being used as an airplane hanger.  There is much activity however you would never know unless you were lucky enough to catch sight of the two workers going in and out of the building OR you heard the banging, clanging and hammering of metal hitting metal.  Let's see if we can get a word with the workers-
"Sir - sir, may I have a word with you?"

SHILOH - "I'm sorry butt we r purty bizy rite now."
Reporter - "Yes, I can see that.  Is there a problem some where?"

SHILOH - "A problem u ask - oh heavenz no- NUTHIN'at all like that.  Quite the opposite really.  Here iz my little sis - Diva Shasta - PLEEZE talk with her - I MUST git bak tue werk cuz I haf a couple more thingz tue due an'she is dun."

Reporter - "Done?  Done with what?"

SHILOH - "Diva Shasta - wood u pleeze talk with this man?" 

DIVA SHASTA - "Will due bro - what can I help you with sir?"

Reporter - "Yes - I was just wondering what all the commotion and noise was about?"

DIVA SHASTA - "Oh my - haf u fergotten what tuemorrow iz - it IZ VALENTINE'Z DAY an'Blogville iz havin'just the biggest bash u ever did c topped off THE QUEEN OF HEARTS DANCE!  We NEED tue hurry an'finish here tho cuz we NEED tue leeve az soon az we can - fly out in our sopwith camelz

 then head tue St. Lewis, fly UNDER the Gateway Arch

 of course THEN make a stop tue pick up Shiloh'z sweetie, Miss Tasha 

THEN git on our way tue the dance which b-ginz early TUEMORROW!  Now, if u will pleeze x-cuze me. all good pilotz go thru a final inspekshun of their plane - I NEED tue go due that NOW!



Two French Bulldogs said...

Hope it was a successful plane. Inspection

Murphy said...

See you tomorrow at the Queen of Hearts Dance!! Our band, Bad Dawg Agency will be rocking the house!

Your pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Sharon said...

Have a good flight!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Unknown said...

Yes fly safely. Happy Valentine's Day to you and may you and your family have a fabulous day.
Best wishes Molly

stellaroselong said...

what a cooool plane, do you mind if stan comes over to look at it? we will see you guys at the dinner later.
stella rose

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

oMD your Plane will make a GRAND entrance when you Zoom under the ARCH... Hope you don't Clip a Wing...
Shasta you did a grrrreat job of tellin that guy what Shiloh was up to. See you all later...