Monday, September 24, 2018

More Monday munchies courtesy of #ChewyInfluencer

Disclaimer - The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor are members of the 
#ChewyInfluencer Team & love getting a surprise from them each month.
One of these surprises for September was a pack of 
Nutro Ultra Field & Coast Variety Pack Grain-Free Adult Filets in Gravy Dog Food Trays.
The Ladiez received this product  for their review & honest opinions only- 
no other form of compensation was involved.

Wunder what we gotz here ... hmm???

Yes, there wuz a bag of sumthin'in there butt
that ain't what we iz tellin'ya'bout today.

(not shure y Miss Maizie thought she hadta 
sit up there an'just watch fer a bit)

THIS iz what we iz talkin'bout today -

Now there r a few varietiez that haf TWO dif'rent kindz of this food in each variety pack butt the one we gotz, EACH tray had either beef OR salmon.
 Mom let us try the salmon one first - oh so yummy!
We each gotz a bowl like this - mom loves to uze this Nutro food az a topper with our kibble.  She also addz fresh veggiez cuz we feel like we git more to eat without a lotta caloriez.
(she ain't foolin'us - we know all her trickz)
 So what did we think'bout this food? Well there wuz also this pikchure of Lady Shasta who had to make shure ALL spacez in the bowl wuz checked to make shure it wuzn't hidin'more food an'meanwhile Miss Maizie wuz lickin'her bowl across the floor to make shure it wuz clean 
(mom fergotz to git a pikchure of her tho)

See thoze EIGHT pawprintz up there?
 Well that iz just how 
we think this food iz!

                                      This Nutro dog food haz thingz like 
salmon, chicken broth, chicken, chicken liver, 
pork plasma'n tapioca starch az well az 
 dried carrotz, dried green beanz, pea fiber, 
dried spinach'n dried parsley az wsll az 
all the vitaminz'n mineralz that 
makez a dog food good fer u an'also most YUMMY too!

Just readin'thru theze Key Benefitz makez us start 
droolin'fer more-
>Grain-free beef and salmon entrées in a savory gravy with vegetables and a hint of basil or parsley for a meal that’s worth celebrating.
>Thoughtfully crafted to make each tray an extraordinary one with recipes inspired by the best ingredients around.
>Made with high-quality protein and pieces of real vegetables you can see for the pup with the most refined taste buds.
>Nutritious recipes that support your pal’s healthy skin and coat and are ideal for both small and large adult dogs.
>Serve alone or treat your furry friend to a special meal by mixing this delicious recipe with his favorite Nutro kibble.

We wanna thank fer 
includin'this info on their website.

An'of course we can't leeve without thankin'theze bloggerz 
fer hostin'the Blog Hop each month. 
If u r duin'a review fer 
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easyweimaraner said...

wow a super rating!!! and with sweeing your photos we think that is well deserved ;O)

C.L.W.STEP said...

You ladies sure are lucky to get such super yummy doggie food! I'm hoping to get a few steak scraps later today if dad ever gets around to grilling some!

Millie and Walter said...

You did a great review. That food looks very tasty.

My Mind's Eye said...

I giggled at your pups and the hound status just like crazy Toto.
Thank you for stopping by today
Hugs Cecilia