Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OK - our turn now ......

Ok, we all no that there r sum real unsavory an’just plain not nice peepz around blogville an’we r gonna git tu that in a moment BUTT furst, we iz gonna let our mom haf her say ‘bout sum furry saddening-happy-impawtent newz tuday that we all herd an’she iz really werked up ‘bout – mainly b-cuz it happened rite here in our hometown. Ok mom – go ahead now, the blog iz all yourz (well sorta – at least fer now)-
(By the way, this post iz kinda long so grab whatever u want to make your stay here more comfortable but we wood appreciate it if u'all read thru our entire post)

Mom Beaglebratz here – thank-you Shiloh and Shasta. Today I heard some real distressing news on the radio – made only more distressing by the fact it actually happened a couple of weeks ago here locally and our news station is just now reporting it. One day, our local Highway Patrol made a startling discovery on the side of the highway - a severely  injured Mastiff - she was near death.  You can read more of what I first read HERE
The Highway Patrol first thought when they picked up the dog and took her into a local vet that she had been hit by a car.  They took her into a local vet here in town but it was not until she was picked up by someone from a rescue group in Denver and examined by their vet that it was determined that the dog they named Porsche had been severely beaten in the head by what they believe to be a baseball bat.  After Porsche was taken to Denver, a Facebook page was developed called  
Justice for Porsche  and the rescue group is NSC Rescue in Denver, Colorado.  I am happy to report that Porsche is doing better after surgery to repair the severe head trauma that was so maliciously inflicted on her.  If you go to the rescue's site or the Facebook page you can see updated pictures of Porsche.  She will remain in foster care for a few more months to facilitate her recovery and rehab.  At last report, whatever form of human did this, they have not been caught and because I tend to get a little paranoid, especially since the gate to my backyard was left open this past Friday (was this deliberate - it was done while I was at work and no yard work or maintenance was  scheduled that day - yes, the Beaglebratz did get out since I was totally unaware of the problem and let the dogs out when I got home.  They were caught within the hour and are safe)
Ok - now I turn the blog back to the Beaglebratz -
 Ok - Shiloh'n Shasta bak now an'we iz really ticked off (an'we DON't mean that little bug either) we iz mad az h@!! (U'all can figur out that fer yourselvez)  We iz gittin'REALLY tired of never no-in'when or how, the blogz in out pet community blogville will b attacked next.
BUTT, lettus bak up a little.  Du u'all c that little red'n white sign up there in the center of our blog - rite above this post - among other stuff there is a stop sign.  Stop az in don 't take our pikchurz an'other stuffz frum our blog unless u talk tu us furst - espechally if u iz sumhow makin money frum it.  Now it'z kind of an unnerstandin'here in the blogville pet community that we often swap pikchurz BUTT we no fer shur that we iz all furriendz here an'we iz ONLY  duin'it fer fun - THAT IZ THE ONLY REEZON!  We Beaglebratz didn't use tu haf that little red'n white sign there butt then awhile bak, sumone - there were 2 of them - began takin'stuff frum 
Sugar, the Golden Retriever'z blog an'then claimin'it wuz their'z.  One of them even claimed they "didn't no it was wrong".  C'mon peeple, stealin' iz just that an'no matter where u du it - that duzn't make a difference - IT'Z WRONG! - DON'T DU IT!  
Now this next item we r discussin' iz 'bout what happened at 
Puddlez blog earlier this week.  Now we iz not gonna say much 'bout this, furst the so-called hoo-min duz not d-zerve any more time on our blogz than what he/she/it haz already had an'2nd, b-cuz Puddlez mom haf already sed good stuffz so eloquently in their blog.  Also, 
Miss Minna Krebs sed sum really good stuffz 'bout what happened over at Miss Puddlez' blog  (we want to thank Miss Krebs fer allowin'us tu uze her WhoopAss pikchur - sumhow it addz tu our post).  We just wanna say - if u (the he/she/it) don't wanna take the time tu fully unnerstand an'comprehend what iz bein'blogged 'bout BUTT instead chooze tu comment only, well then u r more than welcome tu just buzz rite on by - we don't want u here.  Just consider any blog in this pet commumity - OFF LIMITZ!

 Ok - the Beaglebratz r all talked out fer now - we will b around, sumwhere.  U'all haven't seen our pikchur fer a few daze so will leave u with that one above.
Shiloh'n Shasta


Sapphire said...

I really hope Porsche makes it and get better. Bless those who saved her.

The Daily Pip said...

Oh, I am so disgusted to hear about what was done to Porsche. I hope she makes it and finds a wonderful home!

Your pal, Pip

Unknown said...

Oh poor Porsche! I am so glad her was saved....and be wishing her finds a wonderful forever home.

Now abouts you two escaping!! Your mom must have been hystericals fur you to be gone for an hour!!! Don't be skeering her like that again!!

(my momma caught da Meter Reader leaving our gate not properly closed a few weeks ago. fortunately, her saw it before we could escape. Butt her was mad as a hornet at da Meter Reader and da Electric companies!)


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Shasta and Shiloh... I ALWAYS love your posts butt this one is just wonderful. Sad about Porsche, butt a good ending.

I am gonna give you an A+ for your wonderful words today.

PeeS... No running away from home.

Unknown said...

Thats just horrible that was done to Porsche, we will go join the facebook group. I get so mad when I hear about horrible things people to do animals.

I am so glad that yall were caught!!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We did not hear that story about Porsche here, but that is just horrible. We hope she will be OK and learn that not all peeps are cruel.

As for all the drama over the nasty commenters, it is enough to make one want to stop blogging. Enuf said.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

From Mom Beaglebratz - what upsets me the most, RE: Porsche is that the vet here in Topeka could not/would not put forth the effort/expense to correctly diagnose the head trauma to Porsche that was intentionally inflicted - it took a rescue in Denver and their vet care to do that - and we do have 2-3 rescues here in Topeka. This is the same vet the Beaglebratz USE to go to - they changed vets a few months ago; I knew that was a good move.

3 doxies said...

OMG...dat poor Porshe! It blows my mind all da time when I hears stories likes dat! I am glad to know hers was rescued and gets all betters so her will be ables to know what a lovin' family is.
Yep, I is purty tired of alls da BS dat has started. But, I is gonna go on my merrily little way.

Hightailin when able I think is a Beagle thing...dat hunting instinct will gets ya in trubles every time.


Martha said...

Oh thank goodness for leaving us with that very sweet pic of you two.
We were so worried reading what your mom said about the two of going Awol!
We are feeling sad and angry at what happened to Prosche and will visit her facebook page.
Thankyou for telling us about her.
As for the nasty people going round the blogs - well this sometimes happens when you start allowing humans in!!!!!
Now we know there are nice humans and we need their help to blog but let's face it there are some who are not so nice.
We have also recently put a copyright notice on our blog after two years.
Martha and Bailey xxx

Ruby and Penny said...

We are so happy that Porsche was found and is making a recovery. Hope she finds a forever home soon.
Love Ruby & Penny
Pees - we are your newest followers. Hello, Hello.
PeePees - Shiloh we got your email. We will try to get mom to help us reply tonight. We made her tie a string around her finger to remember.

Golden Samantha said...

Yikes! We came over to meet you both and found lots of news we are now furry angry about. Just gross about Porche - we will go to FB page - don't see how any member of the human race could do that, but there are a lot of insane cracker humans out there - very scary. And we are sad to hear about nasty stuff/things said on doggehs' blogs and whatnot. We are indebted to Sugar for helping us try to protect ourselfs, but the bad guys seem to always find a "hole". Boooooooo. We love the picture of you at the end of your post and look forward to getting to know you better!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon

Oskar said...

Poor, poor Porsche.

And we are hearing more & more about bad peoples on OUR internets! They need to get a life and go take their own pictures and words!

Nubbin wiggles,

Chewy said...


My name is Chewy and you are my buddy for Jazzi's Christmas exchange. the story of porche was really sad! I hope she finds a home. Anyho if you could send me a snail mail at derav001ATyahooDOTcom and i will send your pressie to you.

Paws and Licks

Scooter said...

New christmas list is out and you have a new name, so check it out!!


The Heartbeats said...

Hi Beaglebratz! Very nice to meetcha! Mamma was quite sad to read about Porsche. She has a thing for big dogs...

Wiggles & Licks,