Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our 'dopshun storiez, not x-actly - how we came home with mom

(after Shasta tellz her story then we will give our Christmas shoppin'list of what we wanna give our mom)

Part 1 - Shiloh Beaglebratz comes home

It wuz around the early part of May of 2003 – I wuz out in the yard with my doggy mom’n my sisterz’n my brutherzplus my dad’n one of my unclez wuz around sumwhere tu. The day wuz sunny’n warm - nuthin wuz any different – we wuz all scramblin’around,either wantin’ tu eat that stuff in the pan or followin’ doggy mom. Then we saw this big thing with thoze 4 round thingyz – doggy mom told us it wuz called a car, it moved up not far frum us. Tu female hoo-minz came out’n walked over tu us then started talkin’tu my hoo-min mom then started playin’with all of us. A bit later, I herd one of the female hoo-minz talkin’tu my hoo-min dad – “I don’t no how tu chooze, which 1 du u think iz the best?” Huh – chooze what? Best what? And why wuz she askin’my hoo-min dad? Well, in case no one else haz figurd it out yet – this nu female hoo-min wood soon b my nu hoo-min mom – yep, on May 16, 2003, I moved tu my nu home with my nu hoo-min mom’n now I had a hoo-min aunt sis tu’n a hoo-min cuzin. When I got tu my nu home, my nu hoo-min mom took me outside – then while I wuz outside with my nu aunt sis, nu human mom went in the house – I wuz skeerd she mite leave me then I’d b all alone in this nu place. But no – there she wuz agin’n walkin’b-side her on the ground wuz anuther little doggy, ‘bout my size tu – well akchually he wuz a little taller than me(however that wood soon change).  We walked up tu each other‘n we introduced r-selves – Hi, I guess I’m the nu kid here – kin we b friendz? He sed, Hi – my name iz Oreo’n I bin here fer a long time so that makez me the boss’n yes – we kin b friends tu ….. but I AM the boss. Even with r size difference, we soon b-came best buds. An'I also found out I had a doggy cuzin - her name wuz KenzieR'member I told u about how the size difference b-tween me'n Oreo wood change - well it did, within a few monthz

There were other changez tu - mom'n me went tu skool - alot then there were testz'n then we started duin'sumthin that I really love - mom takez me tu vizit difrent places. That'z part of the reezon that Shasta came tu live with us. One day, mom told me that my real doggy sis, 

Tess, had babiezThen later, when we were sittin' tugether, she sed, "Shiloh - I love u'n u haf turned into a really good dog'n u r part of the reezon I want tu bring 1 of thoze babiez here." At furst I thought - well I wuz born a dog so what else wood I b-come? Anyway, that iz how Shasta joined r family butt I will let her tell u'all about it.

Part 2 - Shasta Beaglebratz comez home

 Hi - this iz Shasta speakin'n that iz a pikchur mom took of me when she ferst came tu c me. Like Shiloh, I wuz outside in the yard with my doggy mom an' brutherz'n sisterz when sum nu hoo-minz came by tu vizit.  The 2 new hoo-minz liked me alot'n 1 of them took many pikchurez of me'n played with me more than the otherz - I guess u cood say I felt speshal.  

But then they left'n I wuz all alone with my doggy mom'n brutherz'n sisterz. The dayz went by'n sumtimes it wuz cold'n then got warm butt we all were in the house with r hoo-min mom so life wuz good. Butt then, thoze nu hoo-minz came bak only we wuz all in the house this time. An'then the nu hoo-min that took all the pikchurz, she held me up'n put sumthin' around my nek.  I didn't like that thin' around my nek but I liked bein' held up'n the nu hoo-min held me close tu her'n I wuz there all by myself - didn't hafta share - yep, I wuz speshal fer shur. Butt then we left my old house'n my old hoo-min mom - the nu hoo-min wuz still carryin'me - I didn't no what wuz happenin'.  Yep, I wuz kinda skeerd - but I wuz excited tu - I must b purty speshal tu go on an advenchur with these nu hoo-minz. Purty soon, I found out I haf 2 doggy cuzins-they r Kailie'n Bailie'n they wuz a lotta fun-
 I found out that their hoo-min mom iz also my aunt sis'n I haf a hoo-min cuzin tu. FINALLY we got tu where my nu hoo-min mom livez - yep, I found out this nu hoo-min that holds me'n playz with me the most - iz now my nu hoo-min mom; Bailie told me.  Ok, here iz me'n Shiloh - shortly after we met fer the furst timeHe kinda reminded me of my doggy mom - only bigger butt he haf the same colorz. Don't worry, we wuz just playin' in that pikchure. He'z the best - he letz me stalk him then attak - sumbody sed I must b part kat - I don't think so. Sumthin' told me my nu hoo-min mom wood b good tu me - she made me feel spechul - she had got me a Fluffy Pup'n it wuz there waitin'fer me that furst nite in my nu home cuz my nu mom thinks I am 1 of the bestMe'n Shiloh soon became great friendz'n we loved playin' tugether-an'even tho I grew up, we still play An' mom'n me bin tu skool like Shiloh'n mom - we took sum testz tu. This iza pikchure of me after the testAnyway, the reezon I am tellin' u all this iz b-cuz it means mom lovez spendin' time with me'n sharin’me with otherz. I love spendin' time with mom tu!. We du all kinda thingz tugether.

Oh, an'I found out sumthin'- I wuz spechully chozen b-cuz I iz related tu Shiloh - yep, I really iz - he ain't just my big bruther in mom's family butt he really iz my uncle – my doggy mom’z bruther, he told me. Gee, I wunder if that'z why we look alike


Well there is lotza stuffz we wood love tu give our mom fer Christmas - we love her so much an'she duz alot fer us.  If we had 87 gazillion green paperz, we wood git our mom the nu house she wantz - she sed the one she wantz wood b a little smaller than the one we haf now butt it wood b eazier fer all of us tu live in tu.

BUTT, mom sez b-4 she cood sell the house we haf now, it needz a few thin's fixed up - so we wood like tu du that fer our mom tu - fix whatever our house needz fixin'.

Mom sez she wishez she cood help all the pupz'n kittiez git better an'all thoze that need a furever home - she wishez she cood help them git one.  We no that iz a whole lotta helpin'BUTT we wood love tu give her more than we really can.

BUTT, there r sum stuff we can give our mom that won't cost us any green paperz which iz good since we don't haf any - we just hopez she lovez theze prezentz az much az we love givin'them.  FURST, me'n Shasta r gonna give tu our mom, all the snuggles an'cuddlez we haf tu give.  2ND, we r gonna give her all the kissez we haf.  3RD, since I-Shiloh-am the one who cauzes mom the most grief b-cuz of my great butt wrong, counter-surfin'ability, I pledge tu werk on NOT duin'this (butt mom no'ze how hard this wood b fer me - it iz a Beagle's rite).  4TH - since we now r soooooo very happy tu c mom when she gitz home after she haz a hard werkday - we pledge tu keep duin'this - may-b du sum happy-dancin'tu.

Ok - this may b a werk in progress - our gift list fer our mom.  If we think of more - u can b shur we will add it tu our list
Shiloh'n Shasta 



The Daily Pip said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Great stories! I love your pressies, too. My mom would like a new house, too, but she knows the cuddles and kisses are the best gift of all.

Your pal, Pip

Zona said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I loved reading your stories! It's so nice to meet you, especially on this day when I'm most thankful for all of my furends!


Janie said...

Nice doggie stories, Shiloh and Shasta. Maybe you should just give mom all the green papers and she can choose what to get herself!

Dexter said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave words on my blog when I had my scary seizures. I am sure that all the good thoughts that came through the internets scared the seizure monster away and I am feeling great. All the wonderful comments also helped momma to feel less stressy and that means a lot.


P.S. I love all the wonderful adoption stories and of course momma is all SQUEEE over the puppy pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! I hope you had a wonderful day!!


PeeS: The secret was reviled on my blog today!!

Furry Bottoms said...

How appropriate that you talk about family on a day to be full of thanks! :) I hope you all had a great day.

Buddy and I went playing in the snow a lot. We havd a lot of fun but it sure was cold!


Wyatt said...

You were both a couple of cute baby dogs!!
We sure luv your shopping list. It's a winner!!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh Shasta and Shiloh your stories are WONDERFUL. I really like the idea of givin your mom all the kisses and snuggles that she can stand. I KNOW those will be the bestest pressies of all. I hope she gets her new house too.