Friday, December 24, 2010

PREZZIEZ !!!!!!!!!

Well mom finally gotz all the pikchurz on the 'puter so 
we cood show u'all what we got frum Chewy an'Wyatt.

Furst we iz gonna show u'all what Shiloh got frum his 
Santa'z lil'yelper(helper), Chewy-> 
Once I got my pakage away frum mom, 
this wuz the best pikchur she cood git.  
Mom nu we got it a while ago 
(so y didn't she git a pikchur then if she wanted one) butt 
 she woodn't let me haf it so once I got it - it wuz MINE!  
An'just lookee what wuz in there->
   Thoze r sum yummy Dingo Goof Balls with chicken-
goof mite b the name BUTT there iz nuthin goofy'bout the taste-
I snarfed down 2 of them b-4 mom nu what wuz happenin'.
BUTT - there wuz more - 
a Christmas tree tug toy
 (no, that ain't me or Shasta in the bak)
 Mom an'me had a great game of tug-
can't show a pikchur of that b-cuz 
mom can't take a pikchur AN'play tug at the same time.
(that wuz her x'cuse)
BUTT I am sharin'it with Shasta'n 
she iza great tug-gamer so mom gotz pikchurz of that BUTT
guess what?
Yep, the pikchur ain't on the 'puter yet.

Ok, Shasta here now an'I git tu tell ya'll'bout 
what I gotz frum MY Santa'z lil'yelper - Wyatt.
R'member in our last post we told u'bout the box bein'kinda
heavy an'we found out there wuz a surprize in it fer mom-
well, we will show u a pikchur of that tu butt furst what I got frum Wyatt.
Well, look at this - MY name iz on it soze it MUST b fer me->
Mom - I no u haf had this prezzie fer like 87 bazillion daze cuz 
I seen it - NOW HELP ME OPEN IT !!!
What'z this - c'mon mom.  U no I can't du this on my own -
gotz tu hurry-
I c a bag an'what'z that lil'brown thin'?
(mom ain't a vurry good pikchur taker sumtimez - she moved)
Hey, lookee there - iz that what I think it iz?
Yep, it'z kinda like that mini-me that Miss Puddlez got x-cept
mine iza mini Beagle.
(I had tu watch out fer mom- 
she haz-a few Beagle toyz only herz don't squeek like mine'n 
she wuz gonna keep it butt I sed NO!!)
Anyway, I named it Baby an'no one can take care of 
my Baby-Mini az good az me.
Butt then I r-membered the little bag-
(agin, mom did not take a good pikchur -
may-b she shood go tu pikchur takin'skool)
(mom sed she will try tu git a better pikchur of one of them) 
They iz called 
Chicken Twisted Biscuitz-
really, the biscuit iz twisted'n 

We Beaglebratz wish tu thank our Santa lil'yelperz -
Chewy an'Wyatt -
they r awesum toy'n treat picker-outerz !!!!!

Oh yeah, almost fergot tu tell u'all 'bout the surprize that
Wyatt'z mom sent tu our mom - the reezon Shasta'z box wuz heavy-
Drum roll pleeze-
 A fresh wreath that Wyatt's mom made-
well, it cood b uzed fer a wreath OR
u can put a candle in the middle fer a 
BOO-TI-FUL centerpiece (that'z what mom did)
She also haz a pikchur of that she will post in a couple of daze.
It also smells really good.
We all wonder if Wyatt helped- 
at furst we thought 
may-b thoze were hiz pawprintz 
Butt they iz tu small. 
Butt we iz shur he put hiz stamp of approval on it.
Mom sez Wyatt an'hiz mom did a 
T-RIFIC job!!

Ok, we gotta git tu bed now-
mom iz gonna b home tumorrow so we 
don't haf tu b all cooped up'n
we can all sleep a little later.
Nite nite all-
one more day then->


3 doxies said... betters watch out fur dat mini Beagle. Da mini versions tend to be unruley.
Great pressies ya'll and I just lves them wreaths Wyatt's mom made. They are beautifuls!

Hope ya'll haves a wonderful Christmas and Santa is super good to ya'll!


The Daily Pip said...

Very nice pressies! That mini-me is sure to get into some trouble with a capital T - especially if she hooks up with Little Puddles.

Merry Christmas!

Your pal, Pip

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD OMD... I had to look through everything about 87 times to see it all!!! Wow did you two ever hit the DOUBLE PRESSIE JACKPOT. I think you will be havin a ton of fun with all those toys.
I LOVE the wreath. I am sure it smells FANTISTIC... beclaws that is how it LOOKS.
Merry Christmas my furends.

Diana Chiew said...

That's a lot of prezziez you've got! Have a Merry Christmas!!

Ruby and Penny said...

What fabulous pressies.

Merry Christmas!
Love Ruby & Penny

MsAnomaly said...

I yam so happy hound that Shiloh and Shasta got real good prezziez! Dose treats look good, an' squeekee toyz is the best toys. I got a squeekee hamburger toy, ya' no the soft kind, an' sum bacun snacks. Arrrooooo for you too gettin' a job. It's nise youll be helpin peepul. Don't tell my mom, tho...I don like ta work an' I don wan her gettin any ideas! Tell yer mom thanks for vizitin the Etsy Beagles blog. My mom said she will let me uze her puter mor offen so I can vizit yer blog! Flash