Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just in case........

We understandd there iz a little confuzion about voting in that Booti-licious contest so we r hoping we kin help klear up a few thingz.

Tu vote – click on the Booti-licious icon in r post b-lo. That will take u tu a post in JD & Max’s blog that haz the different categories and shows the entry pikchurez fer each. Award two points to your ferst choice for each category and 1 point fer your second choice – just leave a comment with this info at the end of post on JD and Max’s blog.

So, u r not voting on r blog - go tu JD & Max'z blog & leave a comment with your votez.


Andrea said...

Hope you win!
Woofs and wags,

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I couldn't find the place to vote so... I went to the actual blog and left a comment vote. I am sure that is not the right way to do it... butt I hope my votes for you get counted... sort of like absentee votes for two leggers.
Sometimes these things are just too complicated and take too much time ... away from important stuff like... hole digging and bizness doing and just plain old PLAYING.
I think there needs to be an easier simpler and FASTER way. Don't you think??? I'm just sayin'.

JacksDad said...

Ah, I got it now! :)

Dexter said...

That is an awesome contest. I totally voted (but I won't say for who).