Monday, December 7, 2009

Sumthin' here not quite rite........

A little while ago, mom fixed us sum scrambled eggz'n cheese
with r kibble - she sed she had sum eggz that need tu b uzed.
We don't kare why we had them but then she sed she had tu
try sum tu make shure they were kool enuf fer us.
Ok - there were enuf fer that.
But then she also fixed sum lasagna fer her but sed we
cood not haf any - there wuz stuff in it that
iz not good fer us Beaglebratz.
Now wait a minute - mom kin eat sum of r eggz but
we kan't haf any of her fude?
We Beaglebratz think there iz a problem with this-
any other doggiez agree with us?

1 comment:

JacksDad said...

I trust and obey my tall guy without question and without fail. Every word that he speaks is like water from a endless fountain of wisdom. I am in complete awe at the overwhelming amount of genius which he possesses.

That all being said, he had better give me some of whatever he is eating or I will pee on him when he is asleep! :)