Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We gotta 4-wheel drive ABV

Shiloh: I wanted tu show u’all sumthin that mom did a while bak – just fer me.

Shasta: ‘scuse me Mr. It’s All Fer Me but that iz fer me too.
Shiloh: Ok-ok Shasta, I no it iz now but it started out bein’ fer me. Anyway, sum haf ATV’s – All Terrain Vehiklez. We haf an ABV – All Beagle Vehikle – here r sum pikchurez-

Az u kin see - it'z got 4 on the floor.

Shiloh: It haz good flexible steering'n whoever iz in kin just take in the sites -
don't even haf tu drive'n whichever 1 it iz will probably get a treet or tu.
Mom haz even personalized it fer us Beaglebratz.

Shiloh: R mom duzn’t drive’n sumtimez, when we go du r vizitin’ or go tu Petsmart or just go sumwhere, mom haf tu ride in what she callz a bus – so that’z when me or Shasta git tu ride r ABV – not tugether since there ain’t enuf ruum.

Shasta: So's u'all better watch out -

Shiloh: Ya never no when 1 of us mite come wheelin' your way in r ABV.


JacksDad said...

OOOOO, the tall guy is looking for a new car. Maybe I can talk him into getting me an ABV as well. Although I guess it would be an ALV in my case! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool ride. Hey, I've been wanting to ask you something. I can't remember which of you is a Reading Assistance Dog & I'm not even sure what that is... but it sounds like you must spend time in a school. Is that right?? I can't help but notice your spelling could use a little improvement. Don't reading & spelling go hand in hand... I mean paw in paw? Well, If you'd ever like a spelling tutor, I can help you out. I'm not a Spelling Assistance Dog, but I think I could be one because I know how to spell a lot of words. I've even been called "prolific."

JD and Max said...

Hi - that's a cool ride, he he he!

Hey - voting has just started on the 'bootie-licious' competition so please do drop by and cast your votes - and see how you're doing!

Big schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.