Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Aunt Sis had tu take mom tu a doc appointment in sumplace called Kansas City tuday an'Aunt Sis surprized mom by goin' tu that doggie place with all them yummy tweats.  So mom surprized us with sum of thoze yummy-nummy tweats.

Here we r waiting patiently.

Here we r ... agin - still waiting but may-b not so patiently.  Rite after this, we FINALLY g
ot'em.  YUM-YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shasta Beaglebrat here - I fergot tu show u'all my "guest" who came fer breakfast yestaday.  I wuz a little skared he mite eat my food but I beat'em tu it an' ate it tu.

(from mom - no, I didn't deliberately set out to do this - the bananas for ryrs and yogurt for mouth just fell that way - I did make sure the yogurt nose fell where it should)

This an' the next pikchure shows u my new watch place - rite by the 'puter so I kin keep a close watch on mom.

This last pikchure iz Shiloh - also keepin' an eye on mom.

We gotta go fer now - mom wantz us tu go outside.

PS - an'now, az mom an'us head off tu bed, more of that white stuff is falling out of the sky - an'it'z cold an'wet tu.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Bakery treats???? I don't have any place around here that makes treats for OUR KIND. You are really lucky.
That breakfast face thing was pretty scary at furst. Then I realized that those were NANNAS and YOGURT. LOVE 'em both. You two hit the taste jackpot.

River said...

You got some really special noms! I sleep on the left arm of the chair where my mom sits and works on the computer to help her with an elbow rest.

I never had a nana thing before with my food. Mom eats them though.

love & wags,

JD and Max said...

Hello Shiloh and Shasta! Oh yummy yum yum - those really were special treats - we were drooling all over the keyboard! We can see the longing in your eyes in those photos, he he! We hope you have a great New Year - schnauzer snuggles, JD and Max.