Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That white stuff iz all gone

Good mornin' all u fur-friendz out there - Shiloh speekin'.
Well that white stuff wuz all gone this mornin' -
yep, when mom let us out fer r mornin' businesz, all that wuz there wuz that old wet clear stuff
which ain't no fun at all - u can't play in that.
It wuz still cold tho so we didn't stay long.
We herd the weatherman on that talkin' box sayin' sumthin' about
pink blobs and green blobs and red blobs everywhere -
don't no what he iz talkin' about but I hope we don't git no blobs.
Ok - az u kin see, me'n Shasta gittin' ready fer r mornin' nap so gotta go fer now.


Anonymous said...

Those weather people are cuckoo. You can't believe anything they say. Pink, green & red blobs???
I don't know... that might be kinda fun.

Diana Chiew said...

That's a nice couch to snuggle in and it looks warm. Is the white stuff coming back again?

Oreo said...

Too bad you didnt get to play in the snow more. It is snow mucj fun to play in. I like to be the queen of my snowpile!!